Chapter threeMature

My alarm woke me up at 7:00, I shot up remembering I had 17 hours to find out everything I could about Robert Moore and if I failed I could potentially die.

I got dressed as fast as I could trying not to waste any time I had left on earth. I packed my school bag and walked out the door and locked it behind me.

“Good morning.” Robert said making me jump.

“You scared me half to death.” This is pretty much accurate if he doesn’t tell me what I need to know.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He replied sincerely “So am I stalking you today?”

“Yes I suppose so, it will give us a chance to get to know each other.” I smiled sweetly.

“Don’t be offended but I don’t like to talk about myself.” He muttered making my stomach tighten, I’m a dead girl walking.

“I understand your entitled to privacy, come on I will take you to breakfast.” I led him down some stairs and a corridor until we got to two giant doors leading into the dining hall. “This is the dining hall where you come for breakfast lunch and dinner; it’s not open 24hrs so make sure you are here during the opening hours which is written on the left door. If you are hungry at night time or during the hours it’s closed there are machines in the common rooms but they aren’t cheap.”

We walked through the door and heads turned at the sight of the new guy. It’s like they could smell fresh blood or something. I think I saw a girl start crying like when people meet there idol. The room erupted into whispers and giggles.

“I think I’m going to like it here.” Robert smiled walked towards the food line closest the giggling girls. I smiled and followed after him.

“Hey Lucy” Rosie two years below me said “Is he your boyfriend?”

“Yeah Lucy is he?” Her friend Leila chimed in.

“No he is not, he is new, the headmaster thought I would be perfect for the job of showing him around because I wouldn’t fawn all over him.

“What the hell does fawn mean?” Rosie asked.

“Rosie Shaw, little girls do not say hell. And it means to seek attention or admiration, something you’re too young to understand.”

 “You think your a know it all don’t you Lucy” she said angrily.

“I know more than you do.” I smiled and walked towards Robert ending our conversation there.

“You seem quite popular with the younger ones.” Robert said as I joined him in the Que.

“Well I try it’s not easy when they start getting cocky.” I smiled.

“Well it’s a good trait to have being a role model for the younger ones, back in Kirby the younger boys would look up to me but I couldn’t always be the perfect role model when I got in fights with some of the older guys.”

“What was it like being a school full of boys?” I asked curiously.

“It wasn’t easy we were taught discipline and it felt like the guys had to compete for alpha male, I wasn’t really interested in becoming alpha but the younger guys would treat me like their leader expecting me to teach them things that even I didn’t understand back then.”

“What kind of things?”

“You know like how to fight, how to be a man that kind of thing.”

“Why did you transfer?” I asked hoping for at least some information to tell Eleanor.

“Personal reasons I wish not to discuss with you.” He muttered putting his wall back up.

“Your gay?” I blurted out then covered my mouth not meaning to say it out loud.

“NO! I am not gay.” He whispered the word going red in the face.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you angry it just slipped out.” I replied cheeks heating up. We were quiet again as we got our breakfast and went to the table where my friends were sat.

“Robert this is Jade, Kerry, Amanda and Adam, everyone this Robert he is new he transferred from Kirby Academy.” They all said their hello’s and exchanged smiles I could see the girls smiling to each other.

“We heard what Katie did; I can’t believe she slept with your boyfriend.” Amanda said outraged.

“I know but I would rather move on from it she is no longer my friend and it’s going to stay that way.” I said firmly

Amanda looked at me like she was unsure in what I was saying I nodded and she started a conversation with Adam.

“What made you come here then?” Kerry asked him I hoped he would tell her if there were more people to listen.

“Fancied a change of scenery I guess.” He smiled knowing full well it was just lie. What are you hiding? I sat there for a few seconds getting my thoughts back together, why did I think he was lying? Why did I suddenly become so interested in knowing? It wasn’t me that wanted to find out who he is, it was Eleanor.

“….You must feel lucky to be having Lucy show you around, she is the best.” Kerry was still talking to Robert I listened in when I heard my name being mentioned.

“Yeah I guess I mean I haven’t met anyone to judge she could be the worst tour guide here and I wouldn’t know any different.” He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back but took no notice, I tried not to look to eager, and then I would just look like a kid in awe.

“How are you doing Jade? You have been awfully quiet.” I asked concerned.

“I will tell you later I just don’t feel up to talking at the minute.” She whispered to me.

“What lessons do you have today Robert?” Adam asked him he was a bit of school nerd.

“I think I have English, Maths French and then two hours of science.” He replied glumly.

“You have all the same lessons as me then” I said butting in to the conversation.

“I don’t know who is luckier? You or me.” He smiled flirtatiously.

“I would say you are luckier obviously” I smirked and finished my breakfast. “Well I’m stuffed.”

“Hey Rob you should have lunch with us later you seem a nice guy, right Lucy?” Amanda said staring at me like I was in charge who sat with us at the table. Jade, Adam and Kerry started staring me also.

“Yeah I guess so it’s not up to me.” I said feeling pressured, I looked at Robert he too was staring at me, I felt my cheeks getting red so I stood up and picked my bag up.

“Are you alright?” Kerry asked concerned.

“No, I need some air I’m starting feel a bit claustrophobic.” I walked out of the dining hall with tears filling up my eyes. Down the corridor I ran into Megan and her boyfriend Cookie.

“What’s up with you face ache?” She laughed hysterically.

I just ignored her and carried on towards the courtyard. When I got outside I inhaled the air and sat on the water fountain luckily I was alone.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, WHY DO YOU NEED ME?” I screamed aiming for Eleanor to hear. “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.” I curled up and sobbed into my hands trying to calm myself down.

“Why are you crying?” I heard someone ask but it all sounded muffled.

“I hate this place I want to go home, I want to see my parents again.”

“Eleanor we have been through this a million times your parents are dead you have no one.” I looked up, I’m not Eleanor.

“I’m not Eleanor, I’m Lucy.” I sniffed wiping the tears out of my eyes.

“Not this again, YOU are Eleanor not this Lucy you are on about.” The woman said to me, I had never seen her before she was old and dressed in a grey dress with a white apron around her.

“MY NAME IS LUCY!” she grabbed my wrist and tugged me really hard. “GET OFF ME, I’M NOT ELEANOR, I AM LUCY!”

“Come on now dear you need to take your medication.” She said pulling me off the fountain.

“LEAVE ME ALONE.” I shouted trying to free my arm. More women came out dressed the same as her started dragging me.

“Marissa get Doctor Smith tell him it Eleanor Rowe again.”

“I’M NOT ELEANOR.” I screamed again.

“She is deluded she needs proper care mam.”

“I know but the doctor won’t remove her, he thinks she can get better.”

“Please let me go you have the wrong girl, I’m Lucy McKenzie I was born in 1995.”

“Ah Doctor Smith finally, she is saying she is Lucy again.”

“Right just let her go and me and Lucy here will talk for a little bit.” He said calmly, they all let me go and they walked away hesitantly. “Come sit down Lucy.”

I sat next to him on the fountain trying to calm down my anger.

“So Lucy what is going on with you?” He asked in his calm voice smiling.

“I want to go home, they keep calling me Eleanor but I’m not her I’m not Eleanor.” I cried.

“And do you know who Eleanor is?” He asked still keeping his cool.

“No, I mean I have met her twice she was dressed in black leather and marked me with a raven’s wing on my neck.”

“And where is this mark?” I moved my hair to show him my mark. “Lucy there’s nothing there.”

“There is, it’s black and ugly and it’s there, it’s right there.”

“There is nothing there Eleanor.” He said calmly.

“MY NAME IS LUCY!” I screamed starting to whack him.

“Get her to the chair.” He stood up still as calm as ever.

Suddenly they all gathered around me pulling me I grabbed on to the fountain gripping it as tight as I could, my finger nails dug into it scrapping down and snapping my nails off blood was everywhere. Next thing I knew I was strapped up to a big chair.

“Let me go please, I’m not who you think I am.” I begged sobbing.

“Eleanor we have been through this before every time you lie Smith said you will get a shock to you realise you are Eleanor.” Doctor holding a control box.

“But I’m not Eleanor I’m telling the truth I swear.” The doctor pressed the button. “ARRRRGHH” I screamed as electricity went through me.

“Lucy, what’s up?” Robert was in front of me. “Lucy, snap out of it.”

“Robert? They strapped me up; they told me I wasn’t Lucy.” I cried out loud and hugged him hard.

“Who told you? Who are they? Strapped? What’s going on?” He asked really confused.

“Where am I?” I asked feeling confused and disoriented.

“In the courtyard, tell me what’s happened?”

I looked at the fountain where I was sat with doctor and there was nail engravings.

“It’s all true.” I muttered

“What is all true?” he asked impatiently.

“Sorry I’ve got to go” I stood up and brushed past him.

Why did I see that vision, does it mean something? Was it a memory?

I went back to my room to calm down, so much has changed since yesterday afternoon.

What if I’m not Lucy what if I’m Eleanor?

The End

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