Chapter twoMature

When I returned to my room there were a few boxes and bin bags with a note attached to it.

To my best friend,

I accept your request to move out. Here are all of your belongings.

K.M. Howard

P.s good luck finding a new room they are all full xoxo

I read the note a few times and scrunched it into a ball and threw it to the ground and scribbled on the white board attached to the door one word in red ink WHORE.

I moved my things down a dark corridor out of sight and went straight to the student services desk.

There was a plaque above the window, MRS HURST.

She was sat at her desk typing in files. I tapped the window once; she looked up and slid the window open.

“Lucy, lovely to see you what can I do for you?” she beamed at me and I felt slightly awkward.

“I kind of got kicked out my room and now I’m homeless.” I pouted my lips a little.

“Oh I am sorry to hear that I will see what rooms are available.” She started typing and clicking again on her computer which looked like it was from the early 90’s. “Sorry Lucy but there is no spare rooms everyone has a roommate, but there is an empty corridor that we closed down a few years ago due to lighting issues, I have actually had to place our new student in there who is arriving tomorrow maybe you could show him around?”

“It doesn’t have lights?” I asked feeling a bit turned off by the idea of living in the dark.

“The rooms do, it’s just the corridor that’s completely blacked out.” She replied sincerely.

“Oh that’s alright then I will take it.” I smiled widely as she began typing again.

“Great now as a favour to me would you let the new student shadow you for a few days?” She asked me in a pleading tone.

I contemplated it for a few seconds and then nodded.

“What’s the little guys’ name?” I asked expecting a hopeless little 11 year old.

“He is 17 and called Robert Moore, he transferred from Kirby Academy for young men.”

“Sounds like a rich daddy’s boy.” I snorted I don’t like snobby people who has one take over their fathers fortune.

“Please Lucy be nice to him he has had a tough past.”

“Haven’t we all.” I said nonchalantly.

Mrs Hurst’s phone rang and her expression changed from cheery to taken aback. I listened in a bit.

“But he wasn’t supposed to be here till tomorrow, yes I understand, I have someone to look out for him, Lucy McKenzie, yes room 300 is ready, Okay goodbye.” She slammed the phone down and turned back to me and smiled again. “It seems our new student has arrived a day early.”  She stood up and picked up a key with a key ring of a black feather attached to it she unlocked a small box and pulled out two keys both with the same style key rings. She locked the box again and put the key in one of the draws in her desk.

“Here you go your new room is 301, Robert will be in 300.” She hands me both keys I put them in my jacket pocket. “It won’t be that hard to find the corridor it’s the one with no lights on. Robert should be here in a minute he was at the front desk with the headmaster.”

And sure enough a minute later the headmaster was walking alongside a tall dark haired boy. He was actually good looking. He had scruffy shoulder length hair. From what I could see blue eyes, he was wearing a black shirt and dark jeans with and black boots. He was quite muscular as well.

“Lucy McKenzie this Robert Moore, I believe you will be watching out for him and letting him shadow you.” The headmaster said as a matter of fact.

“That’s right.” I looked to Robert and shook his hand. “Hi I am Lucy welcome to Holloway’s Academy.” I smiled at him warmly, he didn’t smile or shake my hand I felt quite taken aback.

“Yeah hi.” He muttered “I would like to go to bed now.”

“Lucy could you show Mr Moore to his room please?” Mrs Hurst asked as the headmaster was shooing us away.

Like I have a choice? I thought to myself.

“Come on Robert it’s this way.” I lead him up some stairs and down another corridor, I found the dark corridor it was the same one where I kept all my stuff. I took out the keys from my jacket and handed him his room key.

“A raven feather?” He muttered.

“I’m not sure is it?” I replied curiously.

“Yeah it has hues of green, purple and blue.” He muttered and then shrugged.

“All I see is black.” I replied feeling a bit dumb.

“You can see it better in the daylight I just have really good eye sight I guess.” He smiled awkwardly “well goodnight.” He unlocked his door and went inside. I unlocked my door and started shifting my stuff inside.

When I turned the light on I screamed.

“Oh be quiet.” I suddenly stopped screaming. “Good now listen I need you to find out all you can about Robert Moore by midnight tomorrow.” The crazy woman was back and she was giving her orders just like she said she would.

“Why is he so important?” I replied nervously.

“You don’t ask questions you obey, is that clear?” She barked.

“I never asked to be your slave.” I said quivering.

“So death it is?” She smiled widely, I didn’t want to die.

“Okay fine I will do what you want but how am I supposed to get him to tell me? We have only just met.”

“He is shadowing you so I’m sure you can find out.”

“And what if I don’t get anything off him?” I already knew the answer to that.

“You will be punished.” She pressed her lips together. “Get some sleep I need you healthy.” She vanished and I was left alone.

I sat on my bed thinking about how I was going to what she wanted, what if he didn’t want to talk to me? What if he thinks I’m too nosey? Why is he so important to her? What does she really want to know about him?

I took my laptop out of my bag and booted it up. I loaded Google and typed in Eleanor Rowe Thorpe Underwood.

First on the list is:

Thorpe Underwood Cursed. Title from the Thorpe Underwood Gazette.

I clicked on the link and it opened on their website.


Thorpe Underwood Cursed Myth or Real?


Thorpe Underwood is a small town in York. It has a few shops such as a bakery, butchers, fruit and veg and a post office. It also has a church and a boarding school, the church is in the centre of the town and the boarding school is on the top of the hill. Some people believe it is one of the safest towns in the country but is it? Or is it a cover up of what happened years ago?

It all began in the early 1900’s, six years after world war one had finished things were finally getting back to normal.

The boarding school used to be an orphanage which was founded in the 1800's it closed down in 1926 and was reopened as Holloway Academy in 1940.

So how did this town believe to be cursed?

In 1924 the orphanage started having children vanish from their beds there would be nothing but a feather left in their place, a raven feather. The first child to have gone missing was Mary Lee she was only 5 years old. The whole town and police searched everywhere there was no blood or signs of struggle. A month later Sarah Fowler aged 9 went missing, by this time the town had given up looking for Mary and assumed she was dead. The disappearance of Sarah shook the town yet again but like Mary no sign of blood or struggle just a raven feather. After Mary and Sarah children started disappearing more frequently and sometimes there was more than one child disappearing at a time. By the end of 1925 there were only 24 out of 89 children left, that’s 65 missing children none were ever found. The police interviewed all the staff that worked there a few got fired but nothing had changed. When they interviewed the children most of them suspected 14 year old Eleanor Rowe they said she was evil and tortured the younger ones by stealing their toys. When they came to interview Eleanor she had been brutally injured and sent to the hospital.

A few months later the mayor ordered the orphanage to close down and move the children elsewhere for their own safety. On the day Eleanor Rowe was to be moved she had disappeared the town had given up searching and pronounced her dead. The only thing about this disappearance was that there was no raven feather for her.

With the orphanage closed down the town had started to feel safe again they took away the 9pm curfew and started rebuilding the reputation of their small community. The only thing people wouldn’t do is look up the top of the hill at the orphanage just in case they disappear. Every year the town would have their own memorial ceremony at the church to remember the children who have disappeared.

In 1937 a rich man came into Thorpe Underwood and brought the orphanage and reopened it as a boarding school. The reopening caused lots of controversy they didn’t want a repeat of the 20's, but everything was going smoothly for the first few years until 1940 when the headmaster was found dead on top of the water fountain in the school courtyard, there was a large black raven’s feather lying on top of his chest. The town went into panic mode and hid back in their houses. The week after a woman brought the school and tried to bring order back into the town she enforced room checks daily and arranged the headmaster’s funeral, the town thought she was a saint. But who was this newcomer? How did she know to come into town when she did?

The woman was said to be called Eleanor Rowe aged 29. She would be the same age as the Eleanor Rowe who was pronounced dead. She admitted she was the same girl that went missing she said she found herself in London a week after she disappeared.

She was so kind to everyone and they all loved her she was the town’s hero.

In 1943 a student at the school caught Eleanor turning into a raven, it has never been confirmed whether this is true or false. The rumour is that he caught her shifting into a raven and then she marked him with a tattoo of a raven wing and got him to do her bidding. The town went crazy of this news and couldn’t risk the chance of it being true and so they drove her out of town.

There has been no return of the Raven since, but the town still believe they are cursed will the raven return or is this just a myth?

Written by Mark Davis Editor

Published in 1988


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I stared at the article with my jaw to the floor. What the hell did I just read? This can’t be true can it? Children disappeared, headmaster murdered and raven feathers.

I touched my mark, it burned. Who am I dealing with? And this cannot be the same Eleanor Rowe she looks about twenty. This was written in 1988 he must still live in town, I need to talk to him.

I went back on google and searched Thorpe Underwood orphanage in the image section, there was a picture that was taken in 1920, there was 3 long rows of children sat in chairs. It all seemed normal and happy the children were smiling. I scanned the image to see if I could see Eleanor but it was hard not knowing what she would have looked like back then.

After a couple of minutes of taking in all the information I decided to call it a night and curl up in bed scared for my life

The End

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