Chapter oneMature

Lucy is coming back from confession and finds the town deserted a strange woman tells her to join her.

“Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been 1 year since my last confession.” I looked towards the floor as the priest had slid open the hatch. I sat wearing a black dress with a black netted hat to cover my face.

“What is troubling you my child” the pastor replied in a soft warming voice.

“In my last confession I mentioned there was a guy I had been seeing and I was worried about being led into temptation, I have let myself down and more importantly I have let you down, I fell into the path of the beast beneath what must I do to earn your forgiveness?”

“No-one is perfect child but to earn the forgiveness I suggest you stay away from those whom may lead you astray.” He replied sounding like he has heard this confession a million times; it is the 21st century after all.

“Thank you father.”

“Blessed be child.” He closed the hatch and I exited the booth making the cross symbol with my fingers.

I headed out of the church doors and followed the path leading out of the town square towards the giant building of my school.

The town had been quiet today for a Wednesday afternoon it’s normally filled with market stalls and people gathered round the fruits and vegetables but there wasn't anyone around not even the market.

“Excuse me sir?” I said to a passing man “where is everyone?” The man looked at me then looked around before looking back at me.

“You have to get out of here it’s not safe out here, return to your school and lock the doors.”

“What are you talking about? This is one of the safest towns in this end of the country.”

“She…has returned….GO! Now before it’s too late.” He replied shooing me off before running off down the path through the alleyway between the butchers and bakery.

“Psycho” I muttered under my breath and turned back to the path and began walking up to the school.

What was this guy talking about anyway who has returned and why was he so scared?

I sat down on the bench on the way up the steep hill, it always knackered me out.

“Hello there little girl” a woman said. I looked up and there was tall beautiful woman in front of me. She wore a long black robe with one button fastened to cover her breasts she wasn’t wearing a shirt or a bra but she was wearing black leather skin tight pants with over-knee boots. Her hair was also black and mid waist length, she had flawless porcelain skin, and crystal blue eyes.

“I’m sorry do I know you?” I asked in awe of the power that was radiating off her.

“No” she paused “but I know you.” Her thin lips lifted up in the form of smile.

“Look lady I’m sure you do but I don’t have time to hear it I have to head back to school now before the teachers send out a search party.” I stood halfway up but got pushed back down.

“Listen to me Lucy McKenzie I am not here to play childish games with you I am much more important than an education and so are you.”

“I don’t know who you are and I don’t care to know but I have just had a tough time in confession and would rather like to go back to my dorm and forget all about you.”

“I heard you were stubborn but I never knew you were idiotic either.”

“How do you even know anything about me? I’ve never seen you before in my life.” I replied starting to get nervous and panicked.

“When you were 7 you broke your leg from getting knocked off a horse, when you were 12 you got sent to this school because you lost your parents to a “tragic accident,” car accident I believe the detectives put it down to.”

“What do you want from me?” I asked feeling tears stream down my face.

“I need you to join me, in return I will bring your parents back.”

“And if I don’t want to join you?” I replied fearing the look in her eyes as her face turned dark and twisted.

“That is not an option, join me or die, either way you get to see your parents again.” She laughed and shrugged “unless you’re into that kind of thing.”

“Fine, I will join you.” I said with gritted teeth. She smiled wildly and leaned down towards me I flinched as she pressed her lips against my neck, it burned but I couldn’t move to push her off me I was immobile. She backed off me and continued to smile.

“It is done, you are mine.”

“Who….are…you?” I asked quivering feeling movement return to my body.

“Oh how impolite of me, my name is Eleanor Rowe.” She pressed her lips together “Now go back to school I will call for you when I am ready for you.”

“But…. You….” I began but she vanished before my eyes. I looked around felt my heart sink “oh shit.” I heard myself say.

I ran back to school and straight to my room that I shared with my friend Katie. She wasn’t there which I half hoped she would be.

What the hell had just happened? What have I gotten myself into?

“She has returned.” The man’s voice was whirling round my head “it’s not safe.”

“Thanks for the warning on that one.” I said to the imaginary man I had seen.

I went into the bathroom through the door next to Katie’s side of the room; I looked at my neck in the mirror and gasped.

There was black tattooed like mark in the form of a wing a ravens wing.

I slid down with my back against the bathroom door, head in hands sobbing.

Thoughts were running round my head.

"Who was that woman really and why was I so important about me that she had to mark me with this hiddeous tattoo?

About ten minutes later I heard someone enter the bedroom.

"Lucy, are you home?" I heard Katie ask, I was to upset I didn't bother answering her. “Come in cost is clear.”

I hear movement on the other side and the heard the front door lock.

“Are you sure Lucy doesn’t know anything about us she has been really distant lately.” It was my boyfriend Jake who spoke. I felt betrayed and embarrassed.

“Trust me that girl has no clue she is probably still praying to god in church.” Katie replied laughing a little. It went quiet all I could hear is deep breathing; I stood up and decided to take control I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I saw them on her bed Jake lying on top of her. I cleared my throat loud enough for them to hear me.

Katie pushed him off her and he fell to the floor.

“Lucy, I thought you were out.” Katie said not sounding as guilty as I thought she would.

“That’s all you have to say to me?  I thought you were out. I would have come up with something more creative like he fell on top of me.” I replied scoffing at her.

Jake sat back on the bed straightening himself out.

“Lucy I am sorry okay you kept disappearing on me and Katie was always there for me when you weren’t.” Jake said not sounding a sincere as his words were.

“Oh give me a break I was always there for you I listened to your crappy guy talk with your annoying friends I watched football with you every Monday so drop that lonely boyfriend bullshit, and Katie you are supposed to be my best friend and my roommate you failed both.”

“You think your miss innocent in all this I know you slept with Brian don’t even bother denying it he told me after I saw you two getting closer.”

“I wasn’t going to he always told me her preferred natural blondes.”

Katie stood up and stood face to face with me and slapped me across the face. Jake shot up to hold her back. My face stung for a few seconds and I regain composure looked her in the eyes and punched her, my ring left and imprint in her cheek. She fell back and Jake caught her. Just.

“B-T-W I want your shit out of this room by tonight.” I unlocked the bedroom door and stormed out.

I ran down the corridor and out in to the courtyard where there was an old water fountain minus the water. Students liked to hang out here during lunch times to share gossip and do their homework it was people’s sanctuary. It was a big fountain that took up most of the courtyard it had weird markings around the rim that I hadn’t noticed before, there was also words carved in.

“Η επιλέγεται από το κοράκι πρέπει να σκοτώσει το πράγμα είναι το πιο θησαυρούς”

“What the hell does that mean?” I bent down to get a closer look at the words.

“Are you alright down there?” I jumped in freight it was Ben Davis, we have a few lessons together we have never really spoken apart from if I need a pen or pencil.

“No I am alright thanks just admiring the history.” I smiled awkwardly.

“Really? I have actually read about the history of this place and it has a load of myths and legends written about this exact fountain.”

“Do you think you could maybe show me one time?” I asked twirling my hair with my finger in a flirtatious way.

“Yeah sure I guess if you don’t think you will be bored out of your mind, there is A LOT written about it I’m talking at least 50 pages.” He smiled awkwardly at me and I could sense he was feeling uncomfortable.

“I don’t mind unless it’s not too much trouble?” I batted my eye lashes towards him.

“N-n-no trouble at all, d-d-do you want a fag?” He stammered pulling out a pack of fags.

“Sure why not?” I pulled out my zippo lighter and we sat on the on the water fountain having a fag.

The End

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