Linnea is the first girl to ever train as a healer. But life in a Viking village is unstable, with men coming in and out, and when another healer apprentice comes in, what is she to do? [Featuring APH Nordics]

"Have you found him yet?"

"No, your majesty, there has been no sign--"

"I'm not asking if you've encountered a sign, I'm asking you go to and search for it!"

"Y-your highness... please. The last possessor of the secret documents passed away many years ago, during the Great Plague."

"Our kingdom is in danger, and yet you make up excuses? We keep relying on raiding the other nations to keep our people alive. They are looking for revenge. We need an advantage. Do you understand the situation?"

"Y-yes your majesty."

"For your own sake, I hope so. Leave, now. I expect some answers soon."

The End

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