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As a wisp of ash blonde hair fell from behind her ear, Steffi tore of a hunk of bread and dipped it into the sauce, watching the bread become stained with the orange and yellow hues of curry, before shoving the lot into her mouth. The fuller her mouth was, she reasoned, the less she’d have to talk. And the quicker she’d be finished.

She winced as her tongue was scalded by the boiling food. She swallowed quickly, too quickly. She could still feel the too-large, too-hot mouthful travelling down her throat. Remembering her tactics for the meal, Steffi hurriedly shovelled some more food through her lips.

Her mother smiled a pained smile at her. Two months later, and she was still a ghost of her former self. Steffi remembered when her mother was bright, vibrant, the start of a smile or a joke always playing around her lips. Quickly, she forced the memory out of her mind. Too painful.

 “How was your day, Stephanie? Anything strange?”

The phrase sent a dagger through Steffi. He had said that. Why did everything still remind her of him?

Steffi suppressed the thought and waved rapidly at her mouth, in the internationally recognised signal for “Oh, I’d love to answer you, but unfortunately I have just inserted a steaming hot forkful of food into my mouth, and talking isn’t really possible right now” Her mother smiled resignedly. She could never have a conversation with her daughter these days. Not since the accident.

Steffi’s bowl was almost empty. She could see the finish line in her sights. Just a couple of more mouthfuls and then a mumbled excuse (“I’ve got homework to do” should suffice) and back to her bedroom, her only sanctuary, full of coherence and safety.

Bowl empty, mission accomplished. Almost. Steffi hurriedly grabbed the glass of apple juice, and glugged it down, barely noticing the sweet nectar-like taste that she usually so enjoyed.

Once Steffi was done she got up and left, placing her curry-stained bowl in the sink along the way before rushing to her room, and oblivion.


The End

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