First Day

The ride to school seemed to last forever. Becca was thinking about who may be at the school, and still hoping for that gay guy.."ha ha" she chuckled to herself...atleast they are entertaining. *It figures that it was sunny today, a week of rain on my last week of freedom, and on my first day of school it is sunny...figures* 

becca was just about to the school and was mentally preparing herself for what she may have just gotten herself into. She made a right turn onto the road of her school. A car came speeding around the corner cutting infront of Becca as she was still turning. She got a good look at the driver, he was in a stupid shiney lexis wearing sunglasses, and a much to expensive suit for the area they were in. "YOU ARE A BAD BAD MAN!!!!" She yelled out the window at the suit wearing, lexis driving, sunglass

'Pacific..School..offf...Cosmetology' *i guess that means i am here* glancing over at her clock she noticed that she was about 25minutes early...*wow, now everyone is going to think i am the biggest loser...* Pulling out one of her favorite books, she read the cover ' Wuthering Heights' and remember how amazing it was just to get lost in old books. Things seemed so glamorous and simple back then, with characters like Heathcliff, Mr Darcy, and Edward Ferrars, now-a-days we have people like Madonna..Michael Jackson, Britney Spears *that crazy broad..* and Lady Ga Ga. Hello people...get a real name. 

As she looked up she could see a tall blonde lady unlocking the door of the school. *i guess it is time to go in..and it begins* Becca saw many other girls a few average looking ones, and some very pretty ones. As she walked through the door the first person to catch her eye was a girl with pure black hair, a few tattoos, piercings, and black rimmed glasses *maybe this won't be so bad after all* the tall blonde turned toward the few girls gathered in the front obviously having no idea what to do with themselves and said "okay you four girls are all the new girls, if you can just wait here at the front i will show you around the school and get you settled in" The blonde seemend nice enough, very skinny...was that even possible. Beca looked around at the others in her class, and noticed a darker girl wearing all diamonds, and velour kind of jogging suit thing, with gold..*ick...people actually dress like that?* her eyes moved on to the next girl, a thin one with medium length brown, blonde, and red hair, and wore far to many fairies for a normal human being. Next  the girl at the front door, that gave her hope of being able to survive this long ten month course.

The skinny blonde lady began showing everyone around "alright ladies this is your home for next ten months. You will find the girls here very welcoming and will help you with whatever you may need" Becca rolled her eyes, *We will see about that* the black hair girl seemed to know what Becca was thinking, catching her eye and laughing to herself , causing Becca to also giggle to herself. "hahaha" continuing with the tour, it seems things could really only get worse from here...

The End

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