Curl Up N' Dye

This story centers around a tomboyish metal head girl going to a hairdressing school, fulllll of girlie girls, and how she keeps out of prison for murder....MASS murders...

*beep beep beep beep.*

"uggghnnnnnn too early..." becca rolled over flipped open her phone and pressed that oh so lovely 'disable' button.  It was the first day of school, but not just any school...hairdressing school. Oh yes that means not the typical highschool boy to girl ratio, no this means all girls. *maybe if I am lucky there will be a gay guy* thought becca, "well i suppose it is time for me to get up" As becca finally mustered the engery to lift herself out of bed she walked over to the bathroom to hop into the shower. Is it just me or when you wake up in the morning does it feel like you have to learn to walk all over again?

Becca reached over the bathroom counter to grab her eyeliner and mascara, trade mark makeup for her in the morning for the past 6 years. *beauty school becca...think beauty. Ugh* becca placed down the eyeliner and reached for a powder peach shimmer; or so that is what the tube said. Becca giggled to herself as she saw that she had infact never opened this eyeshadow *i wonder if makeup expires? can you imagine a pretty little blonde putting on a tube of mascara and having her eyelashes fall off?* hahaha she continued to giggle at this thought. She looked in the mirror one last time before leaving for school. *hahaha i suppose this will have to do* She grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

The End

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