It is always best to pick the lesser of two evils

You stare at the two ancient doors trying to decipher which one to choose.

Identical wooden panels face back at you from each side, set in the dusty grey stone, they are twins in every respect. How can you possibly choose between them?

You hesitate examining the grains in the wood, stroking the edge of the brass handles one by one, intent on discovering a sign somehow.

Suddenly you hear it. A faint almost indecipherable moan from behind the door on the left. You press your ear right up to the rough wood. There is definitely someone there. You check the other door and can hear nothing through it.

You wonder which is better a door where you know someone or something awaits you suffering or a silent mysterious door which gives no clue as to what lies behind? One may be the lesser of two evils as far as you are concerned but what about the person who you would abandon to their fate by picking the easy option? You would like to think you're not a coward although you know you tend to lean that way at times.

There is a moment's more hesitation before you summon up your altruism and carefully open the door on the left. On the other side of the door all is shadows and you lose the last remaining light as the door swings shut behind you.

The room seems eerie in the murky, dusty darkness. You jump as you feel someone reach out and take your hand until you realise it is a young wide-eyed girl of about seventeen. You can just about make out her face in the gloom and can see she is harmless and innocent.

“Thank God.”

She murmurs to you, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I have been waiting for you. I need your help.”

The End

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