An answer

Hannah's voice seemed echo for an eternity as she listened intently for a reply. The  street was dead there was not another soul around. Those eyes seemed to be pulling at her, begging her to come closer. Hannah had seen enough horror movies to know you don't approach something  hiding in the sewer, not to mention something with a purple glowing eyes.

"H..e..l..p    m..e," a weak raspy voice called out." !"

Hannah nearly jumped out of her black leather Gucci's. She backed up a couple paces ready to run home, her curfew pushed even further back in her mind.

"P......l...e.....a.....s....e..... ." the voice mewled again. A scaly, blue-gray hand slowly stretched out of the drain toward her. The three elongated fingers, ending in very sharp looking claws, shuddered and clenched tightly drawing a flow of blackish blood.

Hannah knew she should just leave this creature alone but its cries sounded so feeble, so desperate...

The End

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