Hannah sprinted down the deserted street, the lamp posts barely giving her enough light to see the sidewalk below her pounding feet.

Christ, dad is going to kill me.

She was out past her curfew once again.  As it was the third time that week, she was sure her father wouldn't be so understanding this time.  She had a lot of pull, being daddy's little girl and all, but it only went so far.

She flicked her head from side to side, checking for a stray car before jogging across the street.  Her footfalls slowed, however, when she thought she caught a glimpse of something in the sewer drain just ahead of her.  She came to a stop in the middle of the street.  It was empty save for herself and her heavy breathing.  She was sure she had just caught a flash of a distinct purple glow.

She ducked down a bit, as if checking for a pair of feet underneath a bathroom stall, to get a better look into the drain. 

She bolted upright when she saw it again; a pair of eyes peering out at her through the darkness.  Hannah's curiosity pressed her closer.

Her curfew now nestled in the shadowy recesses of her mind, she called out into the night.  "Is somebody there?"

The End

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