Chapter 2: Impossible

Chapter 2: Impossible

"well, I guess I'll see ya'll later," Kody touched his hat and kicked his horse in a canter.

Nashua was still staring at Zella when she looked back from Kody.

"What?" she asked him.

"I don’t know," Nashua said sounding strange.

They herded the horses toward home. Her father Matlock McKean came toward them,” Where did you get that stallion?!" he bellowed.

"Ugh, around a spring," She answered quickly,” We have to help him he's hurt," Zella begged.

"Alright as long as you two don’t think I’m gonna let you keep him," Matlock said,” He’s a mustang he could ruin my whole breeding business," he mussed.

"But if we train him to lead and ride him in one week, can we?" Nashua asked.

"Maybe" Dad said.

The mustang snorted, shaking his head.

"You can keep him in that corral over there," he pointed toward a corral to the left of the two stables,

"You can give those mares, Nashua,"

Nashua without a word handed them over.

"You two better get to training' that loco thing. A week goes fast," Matlock told them.

Ever since Nashua said they were training the stallion in a week, Zella had been glaring at him.

Who does he think he is? She thought, irritated.

February was freezing in Cherokee, North Carolina and all she wanted to do after school is go in and cuddle up with her cat Ella drinking hot coffee. But, Oh, no, she have to be outside almost 24/7 training a horse!

As they left Matlock, she almost lost it,” Are you crazy?!" she snapped at him.

‘'Bout what?” he asked, mystified.

"You know what! Zella almost yelled.

"No I don’t know," Nashua said still mystified at her attitude toward him.

"Oh yes you do know that we can’t train that horse in one week!" she cried out, then added,” That’s impossible!"

"Don’t think I can do it?" Nashua gloated.

''No!" she said in aggravation. She knew he could do it, and didn’t wont him to get all the credit.

"Guess I’ll be training him my self," Nashua drawled.

"Oh no your not! I’m helping so you don’t get all the credit!" Zella said finally.

"Good!" he said opening the gate to the corral.

Suddenly the horse balked in front of the open gate.

Nashua clucked trying to get the horse to go in.

"Zella get over here and help me, don’t just sit there," Nashua said tugging the rope.

"And you thought you could handle him by yourself?" Zella laughed at him, getting off Choco.

Nashua mumbled something she could hardly interpret. She caught the words, "Yeah, you'd think so."

Zella slapped the horse's rump. With a squeal, he galloped into the corral bucking.

Nashua shut the gate,” We need to start training this mustang so we should put these horses in the pasture."

Duh! She already knew that. Why did he always think of it first?

"Okay," She said, slightly irritated with him.

It took five minutes to strip their tack from their horses and hang the tack on the fence, then turn their horses into the pasture. Then they went back to the stallion.

The stallion threw his head up when they approached, backing away and rolling his eyes.

"Easy boy, were not going to hurt you," Nashua said softly, then told Zella in the same voice,” We need to get to that leg before it gets infected,"

The blood had started to dry into crusty brown, and more fresh blood trickled down still.

"I think we should tranquilize him first," Nashua said,” I’ll be right back," he said walking toward the stables.

"Hey pretty boy!" Zella smooched at the mustang.

He snorted and pawed the ground.

"I’m not going to hurt you, pretty," She told him,” Yes, you are so pretty!" She smooched at him.

The stallion snorted again loudly.

The End

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