Chapter two

The door to the cottage  opened and Paul saw his father at the table cutting the skins from some potatoes. The man gestured  to his oldest son, who was busy trimming fat from pork chops. “No Dan, leave the bone in. You lose too much meat if you cut it out. Ah, good!” he turned to Paul “Put the...” noticing that he wasn’t carrying the carrots he was supposed to retrieve, he let his sentence trail off. “Son, where are the carrots I asked you to get?”.

A wave of shame fell over Paul as he realized what he had forgotten. “I...I’m sorry, papa. I...” he felt stupid and lazy for letting his father down and he promised  himself he’d make it right.

“Damn it boy! What have you been doing for the last hour?” Not waiting for an answer, he reached into his pocket and retrieved five pennies. “Here, make yourself  useful and get a loaf of bread from the baker. Hurry though, dinner’s in 20 minutes.” He placed the pennies on the table and pushed them towards Paul.

He scooped up the money and put it in is pocket. “Sure thing, papa. I’ll be right back.” He turned on his heel and was out the door as quickly as he had come in.

“What are we going to do with your brother?” the father asked, turning to Dan and continuing his work on the potatoes.

Dan gave a short laugh “I think he’s having a hard time thinking of anything besides that Gwen girl.”

“What, the miller’s daughter? No good will come of that” he picked up a handful of potato skins and placed them in a bowl with sliced onions and mushrooms.

“I think you’re right, dad. Gwen’s always been a big flirt.” he threw away the excess fat, brought the meat to the table next to his father and sat across from him. “Say, wasn’t she supposed to get married?”

“I hadn’t heard anything about that. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have.”

The End

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