Cup of Light

A secret's quest for truth.

Wane blue light dribbled out of an antique lamp and gave the room a gloomy appearance. The secret that lived in the room busied itself by tidying up.

“Does this mean you’re going away again?” said the lamp as it watched the secret dust a bookshelf.

“I’m afraid so, my friend.” the secret paused upon seeing its copy of “Great Expectations” and removed it from the shelf. It opened the book to the part where Estella watches Pip beat up a young man and later allows Pip to kiss her. The secret sighed and opened a bottle of glue. Using a camel hair brush, the secret lightly coated the the pages of the book describing the scene with a thin film of glue. “This will be dry and will have disintegrated by the time I return.” it said, closing the bottle and pressing the book tightly closed.

“You’ll never be able to read that again. You realize that, right?” the light from the lamp took on a reddish tint.

“I’ll have to read this again all too soon, my friend. It’s my favorite part.” The secret kissed the lamp directly on the bulb until it felt its lips burn from the heat.

“Be careful” whispered the lamp.

“I can’t be.” The secret switched off the lamp, plunging the room in darkness. It walked over to the corner of the room, near an ornate mirror. Even without light, the secret could clearly see the image of a young boy inside the mirror staring back at it. Closing its eyes, the secret grabbed an atom, pulled open a hole that was both inside and around it, and promptly disappeared. 

The End

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