Chapter 16bMature

The tub was still empty, but Moya looked pleased, like she was seeing something I wasn’t. I picked up the tub and it felt heavy, like it was full again. I looked up at Albert, more confused than ever. He smiled, then gave Moya a slight head tilt, to acknowledge her achievement. 

Mary looked even more confused and headed to the bathroom to escape the madness. 

“WOW, you have to see this” shouted Mary. 

I instantly jumped up, I was definitely on edge thanks to everything that had transpired of late, so really I should have known to expect the unexpected.

“WOW” I agreed looking at the bath tub full of Dark Cherry Ice Cream. “What the..” 

Albert and Moya popped up beside us. They chuckled gleefully each holding up a spoon. 

“May we?” Moya asked.

“Knock yourself out.” 

I have no idea how we all managed to squeeze into my tiny bathroom, let alone figure out how my bath tub was now filled with ice cream.


“Don’t worry Annabelle. That was Moya’s doing, she was up to mischief again.”

“Well I knew you could do it, so I just wanted to test the strength of your will. I used a trick called deflection, to redirect your energy. It doesn't always work, but in this case your target was an easy switch as both receptacles are known as tubs. It’s like a trick of your conscience if you will.”

“Only very few wizards can do it. Moya is one of the best.”

“So technically I did what you asked. does that mean I’m some kind of magic chef? 

“No my dear,” said Albert with a cold spoon of ice cream lingering at his lips. “It means your powers could be pertinent both earth bound and in the land of Zing, where your going to next. I wish we had more time with you my dear. You truly are something remarkable, but your destiny is told, and you must go across to Zing and find out your heritage.”

“We would love nothing more then to help you grow, but our job here is to watch you, not work with you. We have probably done too much already. Magic used on earth is monitored, and any unusual or increased activity can bring our watchers down, and that is never a good thing.”

I knew I should be paying attention to everything my watchers had to say, but I was feeling a little bit excited about my new skills. I zoned out and concentrated hard. I’m sure Albert’s warning was important, but I just made ice cream! Suddenly I held two spoons in my hand. I was on a roll. I handed one to Mary and excitedly reached for the tub full of deliciousness. It actually tasted as good as it looked.

“Mmmmm, can you believe this Mary? Ice cream…..”

“I can’t, I really can’t, but seriously, I need to pee so badly, can you all get out now?”

I reached for one last scoop before giving Mary some privacy.

I had barely sat down for a moment before hearing an almighty bang coming form the bathroom followed by a muffled scream. I ran at the door like my life depended on it, and was hit by a cloud of dust. The side wall had been blown apart leaving a gaping hole and destroying my bathtub. Ice cream oozed out of the carnage onto the side street. 

Mary was gone.

The End

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