Chapter 13Mature

It was a really surreal feeling, pretending to these people that they were my parents. I had played this game many times growing up, but I cant say I ever imagined them like this. 

They did a very poor job of imitating husband and wife, they fumbled and seemed to have a real disdain for each other. I guess when I thought about it, they could indeed be a real couple. I longed to be part of a bustling family, fights and all. It would have been better than the stark isolation that I experienced. Why would my kind allow some sort of abduction to happen. What on earth was to gain having me and other orphans grow up in a world we didn't belong?

Pushing my redundant thoughts aside, I put on my best smile and began the charade.

“Oh I love this cake too mom,” I gushed whilst simultaneously gulping down the dreadful coffee Mary made. The coffee alone was enough to send me back to Karaleen’s cafe.

“I’m glad you stopped by, but you know I’m totally busy on Wednesdays. All the girls are coming over for the tupperware party I host. You know how loud and excited my parties get!”

Were they buying this? The horrified look on their faces seemed to be saying so. I figured these ‘others’ probably didn't like being around humans, so the thought of a gaggle of hyper women descending on us at any moment should be enough to deter them for now.

They left willingly, seemingly pleased that the first part of their plan had worked. I shuddered to think what they actually had in store for me. If I was a powerful witch, would these people be my allies or my foe?

“Can you come out now Albert, and do something with this coffee making robot?”

Albert appeared somewhat amused.

“Are you sure you don’t want to keep her like this?” He said with a chuckle.

“I’m sure. Please just bring her back to me. If I am really going to go on this crazy journey with you all, I don’t want to waste a second of time that I can spend with Mary.”

In a flash I felt the presence in the room dissipate. I looked around and Albert was gone, along with any other watchers that I was yet to meet. 

Mary looked at me with a puzzled expression. 

“Are you ok?” Looking at the table I hastily added, “I made us some coffee”

“Yeah, I think so.” She reached down and took a mug, then instantly spat out the contents. 

“Oh My gosh, what did you do to it, its disgusting!”

I burst out laughing, little did she know she had made the coffee, but she was certainly back to her old self.

The End

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