Chapter 12Mature

I took a closer look at the imposters and smothered a laugh, in spite of the fact that they were probably up to no good. They looked like they had just walked out of a hippie commune of the 1960's. She wore a thigh-high mini dress and white go go boots, while he wore tie-dyed bell bottoms, a nehru jacket,  and love beads. Their clothes probably reflected the last time they were able to access the human world.

When I first walked in I hadn't gotten a very good look at them. Mary had said they were my parents, and I assumed they were older people, but on closer inspection I saw they weren't a whole lot older than me. That is, if they were human they could be older siblings, but certainly not old enough to be my parents. Whatever nonhuman entities they were, they aged well if they had been around in the 1960's. I was considering this when I got an uncontrollable need to pee.

"Uhhh ... excuse me, I blurted out, and ran to the bathroom.

I had no sooner closed the door, than the urge disappeared. I only hoped I hadn't wet myself on the way, although I didn't feel the slightest bit damp. I turned away from the door, and almost fell over the walking stick of the elderly gentleman I had seen outside the café. 

"Eeeeep!" I squeaked.

"Don't be alarmed, Annabelle. I'm Albert, one of your watchers."

"B ... but you're human," I spluttered. That remark probably only made sense to me. I had assumed a human couldn't be a watcher.

"I'm a wizard. Witches and wizards are human my dear - with benefits," he grinned.

"Oh. You said you were only one of ...?"

"My wife is out in the living room with your fake parents. She's a witch. She'll make sure they don't pull any fast ones on your friend."

"C ... can't they see her?" I was really nervous around this guy. A wizard could turn me into a toad if I pissed him off, or maybe something even worse, like a politician.

"No. She's invisible temporarily, but the spell is about to wear off, which is why I brought you in here. I'd like you to shoo them out the door before that happens. They mustn't know that you're protected."


"Because they'll be a whole lot more careful if they know you have magical help. This couple has been so careless it's laughable. They didn't even cast about for any unseen energies that might stop them. Their goal is to have you actually believe they're your true parents.

"What do I do now?"

" Let them think they succeeded, then get rid of them."


"The last time they were in the human world, it was in the 1960's decade. Young people were very social, very aware of their surroundings. Tell them you have people coming to visit. They won't be able to handle a crowd. They're probably near their limits to fool just Mary and you. If it looks like they won't go, then my wife and I will step in, although I'd rather not. We watchers need to stay invisible to magic people as well as humans."

"Oh. Okay. I'll see what I can do."

The End

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