Chapter 7Mature

My eyes couldn't believe what they were taking in. I grabbed his arm as he went to fill my cup. I felt reluctant to eat or drink anything I was offered until I could make sense of this. The leprechaun jumped, and scowled at me.

It’s okay Kerry,” said Karaleen. “She’s one of us.”

My eyes grew wider than a full moon. My head pounded with the rush of blood I felt course through me.

Wha ... wha ... what are you? What is he? I’m one of who? What are you talking about?” The rush of confusion felt like a million stars were blasting through my mind.

Calm down, Annabelle. Kerry is harmless, he's not your average leprechaun. His extraordinary height means that if he's ever captured by a human, he has to grant ten wishes. That makes him pretty valuable, and unfortunately, it also means he would get trapped in the human world for far to long. If that were to happen, he risks getting lost.”

Look lady, I’m sure you think you make sense, but you don’t. Why are you even telling me any of this?”

Annabelle, how do you think you found us, found this café?”

I ran in one day when it was raining. Look, I don't think I am who you think I am. That must be it. I think it's best if I go. You don't have to worry about me, I won't come back.”

As I heard myself relay those words in a panic, I suddenly felt scared. I didn't know what I was getting involved with. Murder had already been mentioned. If there really was something going on here, I imagined me knowing about it could be a problem for them. I twitched my fingers, unable to move. I felt frozen with apprehension.

Don’t fear us,” said Karaleen softly. We're going to become great friends, plus we have a lot to catch up on. Your story is an interesting one, and we need to bring you home.” 

The End

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