Chapter 5Mature

I instinctively gripped the rail in front of me. I looked down over the mezzanine I found myself on and froze at what I saw. 'She' was crying, sobbing in fact, while scrunched up on a plush red sofa. Steve appeared from what must have been the kitchen, beneath where I stood, and tried to hand her a glass of water.

"Calm down Melissa, you need to drink this," he said smoothly, with more caring and thoughtfulness than I had ever received.

"I don't want your water, or to hear your pathetic excuses. Just get out!" she yelled.

I watched her lock eyes with him as she made her demand, but I could see the resolve fade, she blinked too soon, and allowed herself to get distracted by his irresistible charm. The same charm that had also gotten to me. I too was bitten by that bug, but it wasn't until right now in this moment, I could see how different he was with her.

She had been toying with a phone the whole time. She outstretched her arms as if to take one last look at it before a long goodbye, and calmly placed it in his hands.

"You fucked up this time, Steve. You left it lying around and I know all about Annabelle. And how much she makes you laugh. She sounds like a sweet girl, does she know about me, huh?"

My mouth went drier than a loafer. I was scared to move in case they saw me, then Steve stood up and paced briefly then looked up right at me. I felt his eyes burn through me, like he was searching my face for forgiveness, and then he said,

"Annabelle is nothing."

He couldn't see me, the idiot couldn't see me. I suddenly felt elated, the anger grew inside me and I yelled at him."You said I was special, unique you said!"

Nothing. No response, nothing. Their conversation continued and I was helpless to participate. I had to listen to the way he described me to her. Hear how he really felt. I was witnessing something no one should ever have to see.

"Annabelle just bugged me and pestered me, and I let my guard down and got distracted. She used to make me feel special, but it just amused me. It was like having my own fan club, cheering me on everyday. That's all I got out of it, I swear to you Melissa. You are the only girl for me, she could not even remotely compare to you, you're my mayflower."

"Mayflower." I trembled, repeating his word in a mumble. He was single handily ripping my heart out and playing a game of basketball with it. The tongue lashing went into extra time, and I received no mercy. I felt thoroughly defeated. I plonked myself down on the floor. I hadn't given a second thought as to how I was even there. I didn't feel quite right but I knew I wasn't in a dream. I just felt different.

I heard something crumple in my pocket. Reaching inside, I pulled out a perfectly wrapped cookie in clear plastic cellophane. It had a layer of red icing on it and I instinctively knew. This was my key. This was how I could escape this belittling situation. 

The End

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