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There was an old house set far back on a dirt lot. The structure portrayed a compound. A light teal strip bordered the flat roof . The white paint that had chipped off the exterior, leaving grey specs in random spots, gave the house a very uninviting, gloomy feel. Some of the passersby often referred to it as "the cult compound".

"Are you ready Ma, we're gonna be late!", bellowed Olivia.

"In a minute quit your yapping girl!", her mother Margret replied.

"Mom what could you possibly be doing, we have a long drive to get to YOUR doctors' appointment. We need to be on our way."

"Right, right I'm comin'. Alright let's go."

The unpainted front  door slammed and the two stormed off down the dirt road in a beat-up, black 1986 Cutlass Supreme.

A man lay still on his back in bed. Suddenly his eyes pop open, "Let's go!", Vincent shouts.

"We're gonna head toward the San Soucy to rent a room to get our personal business out of the way. Then, I want to take a drive to clear my head. Now go get Kathleen and David.", Vincent demanded his son Stephen.

"All right gang, we're headin' out let's ride!", said Stephen.

The foursome piled into a 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager, with the paint scraped off, making it appear a gun mental color. Vincent was driving, he pealed out of the dirt lot screaming like a banchee "Yee-haw!"

"What's on the agenda for today?", asked David.

David was the new addition to the household. He was a thirty-eight year old male, who never married. He went off the deep end when he lost his whole family in a car crash, he lost the whole lot, his parents, bother and sister, and his neices and nephew. The only one to survive was that whore of a sister-in-law that naturally he wanted nothing to do with. Vincent met David at the Pirates Inn Lounge on Dania Beach Boulevard. A quite dodgey little hole in the wall bar, but a perfect skeezy neighborhood hang out. Mostly the Vietnam Veterans, like Vince, went there to relinquish their reoccuring memories of the war. The Vets would stumble from a morning of drinking at the local American Legion where they started drinking in the morning and continued  with a bottle of cheap whiskey at the ol' Pirates Inn in the evening. They drank until they could barely sit on their bar stool which generally housed a present from their uncontrolable bowel movements.

More often than not, considering they were the most sane out of the whole lot, Dave and Vince would flick beer bottle caps at the poor old drunkin' Vets. With one eye open they would attempt to tell 'em off

"Why if I speish, iauddam *&%$*, sonovabitch, HICCUP!", was the best they could ever get out of their mouths.

They were down right degenerates. But they didn't care not an ounce of dignity was left in their souls. They lived in a hallucingenic world. Considering Vince was an experiment during the War of the LSD revolution, he often had flashbacks referring to them as actual memories and could share imagined stories all day and night.

Finally, the motley crew arrived at the San Soucy Motel. The San Soucy was an hourly rate kinda place that inhabited whores and heroin addicts. If you were weren't careful where you stepped you might get an unexpected heightened sense of state (if you know what I mean)

"Kathleen go inside to the office there and get a room for an hour", demanded Vince.

"Why you always shoutin' orders at me, I babysit your kids I ain't no bitch", Kathleen sneered at Vince.

He walked over and held her by her arm walked her into the office, "GET THE F*$KIN@ ROOM"

Of course Juanita, the San Soucy manager, wasn't suprised. She deals with degenerates all day long.

"What can I do you for you love?"

"I need a room for an hour", said Kathleen.

"Right, room C. It's two doors down to your left." Juanita gave Kathleen a good, long stare. "What's a pretty little thing like you doin' with a jerk like that anyway?", Juanita asked Kathleen.

"I reckon it ain't none of your business now is it?", Kathleen walked out. She yelled, "I got the room now let's hurry it up! I ain't got all day I gotta be back by evenin' time to cook your deadbeat kids some supper!"

"Stephen you can come into the room in fifteen minutes, I gotta take care of somethin', you watch the car will ya."

"Sure Pa' whatever you say"

Stephen never disagreed with his father, he went along with A product of his environment.

"I gotta clear my head so Kathleen you come on over here and make us of this flesh arrow. I hope the damn thing still works!"

Vince and David start to chuckle.

"And David, you can stick around this ain't gonna take long"

Kathleen took whatever affection she could get. Her mother worked three jobs to make ends meat after her father left them. Then she passed away from lung cancer when Kathleen turned sixteen. Shortly after, she went to live with her senial old grandad. He didn't even acknowledge her half the time, she came and went as she pleased. Obviously a detrimental childhood led her such vulnerability. Needless to say, any attention was better than none and Vince gave it to her literally and figuritively speaking.

"Now that's taken care of. STEPHEN GET IN HERE!", he shouted.

The four of them started discussing the big plan. Now all four of them had a combined IQ level of about 89, so for them to plan anything was quite entertaining.

"Im the main guy in this operation so anything I say goes!", Vince continued, "And I don't want no questions, I give you your assignment and you stick to it."

"I thought we were both leading this deal why the hell do you get to take charge?" asked David.

"Because I got the most experience here, Im army educated for crying out loud! I done pulled more sh*t on that field than this four man operation so ain't no way in hell I'm appointin' you to lead this brigade!", David shut-up and kept listening to the plan.

"All right, so this Friday afternoon at lunch time is when we're gonna strike. All the folks will be cashing their checks on their lunch breaks and money will be flying over that counter like a pack of geese headin' South for the winter.  I want Stephen to be our get away car and David your with me on the inside. Kathleen you'll be the lookout."

"What a boring job!", she screeched.

"Shut-up", Vince said. "You ain't got no other talent so that's all you get!"

"Now we got some things to go and do before this Friday, Let's hit the road!" Vince demanded and as usual, everyone followed him back to the van and they drove off towards the East.





The End

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