Cuban Love

Cuban revolutionary writing to his wife during the Cuban Revolution.

25 June 1955

Dear my love,

It has been four months since Fidel Castro and I started this revolution, him and I can feel that we are close in controlling Cuba. though these four months have felt like decades, all this constant fighting, all of this bloodshed, it is horrendous, I have sent so many men to fight, it pains me to know they will not see their families again. I pray it does not happen to me as well, as I long to see you and our three year old son; not a moment goes by I do not wish to be with you again. I hope you think of me as I do you, and maybe, after all of this is over, we can again go and see the sunset on top of our childhood homes. Like if we were six again, watching the sunset on my father's roof and him yelling at us to get down because we were "scaring our dinner away". Those days your mother had to climb and drag you down because you never wanted to let me go. Those moments, those days, I wish we could live again. Mi amor I must go, these constant gunshots from this morning only seem to be getting closer, and when I find safety again we can speak once more. I will have my messenger deliver as fast as he can. Don't ever forget me, I will always be in your heart no matter what happens. I love you forever and always with my entire heart.

Viva la revolucion.


Your one and only

Signed Commandante Abel Cubela


1 July 1955

Dear mi amor,

It is so great to hear from you again, so many thoughts have gone through my mind thinking you wouldn't write. Your son keep asking where his father is; I always say he's fighting for God. We pray for you everyday and I just wish that the revolution would be over. For your sake I pray that nothing happens to you and that you continue to fight for a war that God Himself would fight for. I wish that we can go back to our normal lives. Where we would watch the red sunset walking our beautiful son around the neighborhood seems like yesterday you left me a note saying you had to fight with Fidel. You are an honorable man, and I love you, if you only understood how much I miss you everyday that you're not with me. I know that you do this for a great cause yes but your son and I miss you, we'll keep praying, and you keep fighting for Cuba. You'll be in our dreams and prayers and one day God will allow us to be together and live in a great land where a family can live in peace, we love you Abel, and we miss you. God bless you mi amor, I love you.

With much love and blessing,

Alegria and Jose Cubela

The End

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