The Same Day - 12:18

Allen woke as the car pulled into a parking space. "Wake up." he groaned as he pushed Matthew off his now numb arm.

His father opened the door and stepped out slowly, his legs obviously as cramped as Allen's felt. He stretched, then went to the trunk to unload their baggage.

They all spilled from the car as a person in a uniform ran out of the building toward them. Behind him, he puller a long brass colored cart. On his badge was his name, just above the abbreviation "STAT".

"I'm Richard." the man greeted them. "I'll be taking your luggage up to CST-001."

His father thanked the man and allowed him to load all the luggage on to the cart. Though when he tried to take Alexis's purse, she looked at the man with a combination of shock and her I'm-going-to-slap-you face.

"I'm sorry, but there is no luggage allowed in the passenger area." Richard told her. "I'm going to have to put it with the rest of the luggage, or else you want be able to take it with you."

After she grudgingly handed over her bedazzled pink purse the man disappeared back inside the building.

"Oh my god! We're late!" his mother shouted. And as if her words had been some sort of spell, the entire family runs toward the door at once like some kind of human barricade.

The silent automatic doors slide open as they approached, revealing a massive, very classy lobby. It was probably large enough for an airplane to fit inside comfortably.

The tiles on the floor had an elegant flowing pattern, a fountain to his right showed a little boy and girl huddled together under an umbrella as water rained down from the top. Even the information desk seemed classy, with the lights coming from the overhanging marble top shining on to the brassy finish of the sides and front.

He wished he could have taken more of the place in, but his family was moving on through a labyrinth of hallways and if he got lost, the trouble he would be in...

"Here we are!" his father exclaimed. Allen was a second behind, so he couldn't see the check in area.

The End

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