Tune her out

Crammed up into a room full of people, all of them confused and  scared, Allen couldn't care less what this woman had to say. It was obvious she was merely reciting words she was trained and ordered to. Her fake enthusiasm only served to highlight the gloom of the rest of the crowd. People with drowsy eyes and frightened children looked at Cindy but didn't hear any of the words. Cindy's voice echoed throughout the corridor, and maybe even the whole ship with the pin drop silence and her loudspeaker volume.

Tired and hungry, Allen continued to survey the rest of his surroundings.  The corridor had florescent lights with a dim glow, but somehow enhanced when the light reflected off the wall. Maybe the paint was one of those special reflector types used to minimize energy consumption. Made sense to use such paint on a spaceship bound to spend years in deep space with no other source of energy than its own. Allen knew this model had fusion engines but an emergency could strike at any moment. Always best to come prepared. In space, even the smallest amount of energy could mean the difference between life and death. A small push in the vacuum of space could help the ship travel thousands of miles, and energy is needed for that small push.

However, this thought worried Allen. He did not know what was going on. The ship seemed to be new. The floor was made of dull metal but covered with what seemed like some sort of carpet, which happened to be the same whitish color of the paint on the wall. Allen couldn't feel it or touch it to find out what it was made of because he was stuffed in between the twins and could barely move his shoulder, much rather bend down to feel a carpet. It would look stupid enough as it is but the fact that he was wearing a skin tight one piece completely removed the thought from his head. Allen didn't feel comfortable in these things and surely didn't want to stretch them any further by bending down.

Cindy had been babbling for almost half an hour and Allen's legs had turned numb by standing in the same position. There was no end in sight to Cindy's speech. Allen's head started to pound with the echo of Cindy's shrill voice reverberating through the long corridor. Suddenly Allen heard the whisper of those children again. They seemed close. Maybe just a few rows ahead of him. Why were they laughing? The whispers seemed excited and...happy. Allen couldn't understand why anyone would be happy in such a situation.

Cindy's speech came to an abrupt stop. Confused Allen looked up to see what miracle finally caused her to close that pretty mouth of hers. Cindy clapped. The sound of the clap was near piercing and made everyone jump, well, as much as they could jump squeezed together like canned peas.

"The introduction will now begin. After that, all of you will be divided into appropriate groups and led away to your cyrooms," Cindy said. Cyrooms? Appropriate groups? What was going on? Allen looked around the faces of his family, they all looked worried. Seriously worried. "Father, what did Cindy say about th..." just then the monitors on the wall came to life. They were white for a second with a strange logo centered on the screen and then began to play a movie. The voice of a woman played out through invisible speakers which must of been hidden all along the corridor as the voice seemed to come from everywhere at once.

The End

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