Crystalized Fear

It was dark, there was only a slight light glinting of the crystals around me, I was running, but I was going nowhere. Where am I? Who am I? What am I? Am I dead? The questions rang through my head as I kept on running down the long winding corridor of black crystal, a beautiful black stone which glinted dimly. I felt like I was running from something, but what? I didn't know, I knew but didn't at the same time, what is happening to me? I heard the footsteps come closer and closer, nothing could save me now, it was too late. I tried to scream but nothing came out, obviously it wouldn't, I was deep under ground, but how did I know that? The caverns echoed with the footsteps, they didn't sound human but they were human.. I could hear my own fast breaths coming faster and faster as I ran. I hit a dead end, I turned fast on my feet and tried desperately to find a way out, but there was no way, I was trapped in this maze of crystal forever, like the prey that never escapes from their predator, I was dead. I knew it. The footsteps echoed even more now, I was trapped with nowhere to go, it was teasing me, mocking me, until I finally was cornered, I wish I was safe at home with my family and friends, I wish this was a dream. The footsteps were right infront of me now, I saw a person walk into the glinting light of the crystals, I recognised him. The phrase "absque cupiditas, absque cupio, absque cupido, meistas ergo absque amicus" rang in through my mind, it was beautiful, I knew what it meant without realising.

The End

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