A knight in Disguise

Ugh. My head hurts... What happened?

Blinking, I found that I was in the school infirmary. Since it was dark It'd have been late at night, possibly early morning? What was I doing here? Oh. Oh. I fainted in the classroom. Waking my limbs up, I noticed that there was a person sat in the chair next to me. Although it was dark and I couldn't see that well, it seemed that person was sleeping soundly, breathing softly. Turning the side light on, I was amazed to see that sitting next to me wasn't Harry. Tanned skin. A mop of gold hair.

It was Christopher.

What the h-e-l-l? Why, of all people, would he care for me? This is all  just a dream. I'll go right back to sleep, and he won't be there. Yes, that's what I'll do.

Persuading myself that he wasn't there, I drifted back to sleep.

'Morning. Have a nice sleep?' A warm voice said. I didn't even have to open my eyes to know who it was.

'Yeah, until you came and woke me up.' I said, opening my eyes to find a cheery Harry leaning over the bed, sat where Christopher was last... in my dream. Looking at the clock on the wall, it was 11-23am and Harry was wearing a tight thin T-shirt under a hoodie with ripped jeans. Fit! 'What day is it today?'

'Tuesday. You slept through the whole of yesterday you know. Gave me a fright, but I'm glad your alright.' He answered, with a thoughtful smile on his face.

'Don't we have school?' I asked, puzzled by the fact that it was Tuesday and Harry wasn't wearing uniform.

'Nope. Because today is special.' Harry replied, taking a sip of water from a cup he'd brought and put on the side desk.

'How so?'

'Every few  times a year, some big producers come into school to find their next new star.' He said as he put the water down. 'Whoever they pick will either become part of a mainstream tv series or major movie. Normally you would see scouts randomly walking around school, but when they are big, and I mean Hollywood big, school is cancelled and auditions take place in the auditorium.'

'Awesome. You auditioning?'

'Yeah, 12O'clock sharp.' 

'Erm, Harry...'


'Have you seen the time?' I said, pointing at the clock.

'Shoot! I'm going to be late!' he said, so startled that he almost knocked the water. 'Sorry Jen! Will you be alright to go back up to the dorms by yourself?'

'She'll be just fine.' Another voice said. With the sound of high heels clicking against the floor, the nurse came into view. 'Just don't push yourself too much alright? It seems you fainted from shock, so take it easy.'

'Thanks, and I'm alright Harry, Good luck. Now go!' I said, pushing Harry towards the door. He sighed and then walked out of the door winking in my direction before disappearing down the hall. Yawning, I let myself out of the bed, straightening my creased school uniform. 

'Cute boyfriend you have.' The nurse said, grinning while sorting through paperwork. 

'Harry isn't my boyfriend.' I replied, looking away in case my cheeks turned red.

'Oh, not harry m'dear. The one that carried you here and stayed with you all night. He left just before you woke up, when Harry arrived, and refused to get out of that chair.' She said, pointing at the seat next to me.' I believe his name is Christopher, right?'

'He isn't my boyfriend either!' I blurted out, shocked that Christopher was actually there, and he carried me here? Maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all.

'Really?' The nurse continued. 'He was more worried than Harry! He really panicked over you, you know. He even skipped classes so he could watch over you. I think he likes you, a lot.'


Feeling my cheeks burn up, I escaped the infirmary, heading straight for the dorms. Passing the rows of doors, I pushed open the door to the gold rooms and stood there, staring at the couch. On it was Chris, stretched out peacefully, arms folded across his chest. He was beautiful, wearing skinny jeans and a purposefully large long sleeved sweater so that he showed of his shoulders and chest. he looked like he just came out of an Abercrombie and Fitch photo shoot. When the door shut, it was loud enough to wake him from his slumber. He opened his eyes and stretched his arms out wide, ruffling his hair that made me want to scream cute. 

'What do you want?' he said, still sleepy and looking drop-dead-gorgeous.

'Just to say thank you.' I replied, knowing now that my cheeks were as pink as they could get.

'For what?' 

'Staying with me at the infirmary.' I said. Walking closer to him.

Jerking his head so that I couldn't see his face, he said 'I wasn't... I...felt sick.' 

'Oh, alright then.' I said, smiling wildly before heading back to my room. The reason being, I knew he was blushing. Not because I saw his face, but his ears turned a pinkish colour, which happened to me also.

Just before I closed the door, I think I heard two words, barely audible:

'Your welcome.'

The End

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