Rank Acting Assessment. Oh dear lord.

Walking into the classroom, all eyes were on me. Their piercing stares made me want to crawl under a rock and stay there, at least until after the 'ranking assessment' or whatever it is are done. Just after the bell rang, a boy with side swept golden hair came walking in. Suddenly everyone's attention diverted to him. When he looked up, I saw that he had honey coloured eyes that I'm sure I recognize.

Harry and I both went to the front of the classroom. 'Wait here, because the teacher will introduce you.' he smiled, making his way to a seat in the back row. The teacher was already writing my name on the board. After he finished mine, he started writing another. It said 'Christopher Clarke'.

'Settle down class. We have a new student joining us today. Her name is Jennifer Evans and she has been placed in gold for the time being. We also have another boy too. His name is Christopher Clarke. He only arrived this morning so welcome them both. Please sit down.' the teacher said, so I grabbed the chair next to Evangeline. 'The assessment today will be on the spot improvisation. Get into your current colour ranks and I'll give you a scenario. Christopher will be joining Gold for this task.' Mr Street (The teacher) finished before grabbing a piece of paper and walking up to a group of pupils.

After gathering together, Mr Street came to us. 'Everyone pick a number between one to 1-6, so everyone has a different number. I will split you into two separate groups.' I picked one, Henry picked two, Edward picked three, Harry picked 4, Christopher picked 5 and Eva picked six. 'Four and five are trying to win over one, and two and three are trying to win over six. I shall give you 5 minutes to plan.' he said before moving onto the next group.

'Ooh Harry, looks like you've got yourself a rival! It's Christopher Clarke as well! Unlucky.' Eva said.

'What's so important about Chris?' Ed asked.

'Did you really just say that?' Evangeline replied. 'He's a new teen sensation! His debut was in that new film, Blue Sky, and he models as well! You'd be dumb not to know him, he's super fit!' 

So that's where I've seen him before, although I haven't yet seen the movie.

'That's right beautiful.' Christopher said before pecking Eva on the cheek.

Reacting instantly, Henry through his book across the table and headed straight for Christopher and Evangeline. 'Hey! That's my girlfriend.' Henry snapped standing in front of Eva and shoving Christopher out of the way. 'Don't go near her again.' 

'It's not my fault that your girl is so into me.' Chris added. Before Henry could say anything else, Mr Street stopped the conflict before it got any worse. 

'Save the drama for when your performing. It's time for the assessments anyway.' the teacher said, before returning to the front of the class. Sitting down, dirty looks were thrown at Christopher, who was crowded with girls. Watching the performances, it was clear who was better than the others, but every time I watched another person walk onto the mini stage, my confidence dropped to the point where I won't even be able to get out of my seat. Watching Edward, Eva and Henry perform made it hit rock bottom. No wonder they're in Gold. 'Jennifer, Harry and Christopher.'

'It's alright, I'm with you.' Harry said, holding my hand and walking me over to the stage. 

'Okay' I replied. Standing in front of everyone, I froze up.

'Jennifer?' Mr Street said. 'Are you alright?' 

Even with Harry being there, I can't do it. What if I do something wrong? What would everyone do? Would I be bull-

'Jenn!' Harry almost shouted, making me focus on him. 'Picture it. Your a girl who I love, but Chris loves you too.' he whispered, before stepping back while my head was still faced down. Nothing happened, until one rude girl called out.

'What is she doing? If she can't act, then she doesn't deserve to be in Gold! she shouted, along with a lot of yes' from the rest of the class. When I looked up, the pupils stopped talking. My mind went blank and all I could think of was how I loved Harry, but I also loved Christopher. I felt a sad sort of pain and tears ran down my cheek. 

'Please don't fight!' I screamed, as I dropped to the floor. Harry's face was just as surprised as everyone else. Taking the hint, Chris knelt on one knee.

'Please don't cry.' Christopher said, holding out a hand to me with a guilty face. Taking his hand, he pulled me up, just when Harry slapped Chris' hand away from mine. 

'Leave her alone! Haven't you done enough?' he said, fury building up inside him. At that moment, they both stared into each others eyes with such emotion that my body reacted by itself. I threw myself in the middle of them both and cried into Harry.

'I'm so sorry Harry!' I said. 'I'm truly sorry. I know he betrayed me, but I still love him...' I looked at his face in sorrow.

'I knew it would come to this.' Harry smiled with glassy eyes. 'All I want is for you to be happy. You belong with Chris. ' His words were the total opposite of his facial expressions. Pushing me over to Christopher, Chris wrapped his arms around me from behind.

'I won't ever betray you again. Not now, not ever. I love you.' Christopher said, before I turned around and kissed his lips. I held Christopher's face in my hands, smiling and crying with joy before a shocked expression cropped up onto his face. Looking at him, I snapped out of my character and turned at the audience. Half of them had their mouths wide open and the girls had tears ruining their make up. Seeing the whole class again made me freeze as everyone applauded and cheered.

'Excellent! That was pure genius! As expected from Christopher and Harry, but Jennifer, you took me by surprise, you were completely in role and did an outstanding performance!' Mr Street said. 'You three will remain in Gold.'

Recollecting what just happened, I fell backwards onto the cold floor, remembering Harry's alarmed face before blacking out.

The End

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