'Jen! Wakeeee up!!' said a loud voice. Still sleepy, I sat up and stretched, only to find Harry half dressed on my bed. 

'Harry! What are you doing here?' I said, laughing at the same time.

'Waking you up. Today is the first day of school for you, and I'll introduce you to the rest of Gold.' he replied, trying but failing at buttoning up his shirt. 

'Come here, I'll help you.' I said. Harry came over with his buttons matched up with the wrong one and terribly cute bed-hair. Un-doing the buttons, he had quite a good, muscular body. 'Done. Now go and let me get changed!' I said, shooing him of into the corridor with my vest and shorts on. 

'Thanks! I'll come back in ten minutes.' Harry said, before going into his own room. Putting on the uniform, the size fit me perfectly. Grabbing my books and pencil case, I shoved them into my JW bag and headed out, almost forgetting my room key. 

*Knock knock knock* 

'C'mon Harry, aren't we already late for breakfast?' I asked, waiting outside his door. Harry then opened the door and froze. Blushing, he looked to the side of me.

'Lets go, we'll go through the boys side, since everyone will be up and gone anyway.' he said, walking over towards the door with a 'boy' sign on it. Walking through it, the layout was exactly the same as the girls side. Surprisingly, it was extremely clean. Walking out of the boys dorms, we came down the stairs and went past some classrooms. Taking a lot of turns, we finally reached the canteen. Just like the dorms, a lot of things were colour coordinated. We both headed to the food counter that was named 'Gold'. Walking to the centre of the canteen, voices whispered around me. 'She's the new girl' one said, 'Why is she in gold?' said another. Trying not to attract attention, I Closely followed Harry from behind. 'This is our table.' Harry announced, smiling at two other boys and one girl, already sat down.

'Aww! Your so cute!' the girl said. She had long plum hair and matte violet eyes. 'I'm Evangeline, call me Eva. Nice to meet you. I'm the only other girl in Gold.' 

'Hi, I'm Jennifer. Nice to meet you.' I said quietly. Talking to people I don't know isn't one of my strong points.

'Don't be shy! I'm Edward, but most people call me Ed or Eddie. Harry has been talking about you a lot lately!' the blonde boy said while patting Harry on the back and laughing. 

'Hey! Don't talk about me!' Harry said, blushing once again.

'Hello Jennifer. I'm Henry.' said the last boy, with his head buried in a thick book. He had Green eyes and raven black hair.

'Ermm, nice to meet you too.' I said, keeping quiet. I mean, everyone in Gold is so good looking, and then there is me. Straight blonde hair with grey eyes. So interesting. Eating my toast, Eva continued the conversation. 

'Your so pretty! I love your long gorgeous blonde hair, and big grey eyes! It's true! You can see little green flicks in them. I didn't believe you Harry! She's just as you described; a beauty!' Evangeline said, making me almost choke on the toast I was chewing on.

'Shush Eva, don't talk about that.' said Harry, now bright pink. As Eva was commenting on how cute Harry was when he blushed, I realised that all the girls around us were taking peaks at Harry, all of them acting bashful, like they were in love with him. Every other girl around us were looking at Ed and Henry. Is this the popular clique that everyone admired or something? 'It's almost time for homeroom. I'll go ahead with Jenn.' Harry said, getting up out of his seat. Grabbing my hand and making a lot of girls gasp and whisper more, he pulled me out of the dining room. His face was now back to it's normal colour. 'I think I should tell you now, although you may have worked it out by now.'

'The fact that the whole student population of girls have crushes on you three?'

'Well, yeah. And now your in gold too, boys will start to target you.'



'Why would they like me? I'm nothing specia-'

'That's not true!' Harry iterrupted. 'What I mean is...' 


'Your cute.' I think he said, in a very quiet voice.

With those final words, Harry walked ahead of me to the classroom.

On the board, was the title 'Rank acting assessment.'

The End

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