Reunited With An Old Friend

Dropping my luggage, I ran over to Harry, knocking him over on the bed while hugging him. 'Harry! It's really you! I can't believe it, I haven't seen you since I was ten!' I said.

'Yeah, it's really me. What has it been, 5 years?' he replied, hugging me back.

~We were best friends since elementary, but when his parents divorced he moved away and we lost contact. That would be the reason why I didn't recognize Jamie (Harry's mom and headmistress).~

'Yeah, that was so long ago. A lot of stuff happened, but now I'm here.' I said with a big smile.

'I see that. When mom told me you were coming, I was over the moon! I didn't actually think that it was the same Jennifer Evans, but as soon as you opened the door, I knew it was my Jenny.' Harry said, putting his hands on my shoulders. Besides my family, Harry was the only person I could openly talk to. 'Once I help you unpack, I'll explain things here and show you around afterwards. I'll help with the boxes.'

'Thanks!' I said, standing up and lifting my suitcase onto the bed. Opening it up, I totally forgot that I had put my underwear in last in my suitcase, meaning my bras are in full view...

'AAH!' I screamed, slamming my suitcase shut so Harry couldn't see.

'What?!' Harry immediately said, slamming a box onto the floor and running towards me.

'Nothing... Erm.. I just... Saw a spider. Yeah, theres a spider in my suitcase.' I said, hoping that he didn't see through my lie.

'Alright, let me get it out for you.' he said, walking over to me. As he tried to open my suitcase, I kept my hand firmly on it so it wouldn't open.

'If you don't like spiders, then let me get it for you.' Harry said, moving my hand away. Before I realized, the suitcase was wide open, and Harry was staring at it. 'Ooh. So this is what you didn't want me to see. Looks like you have quite big boobs.' He snickered, holding up a polka-dot pink and white laced bra.

'Shut up!' I said, snatching the bra away from him, causing the suitcase to fall and reveal the rest of my underwear. 'Don't look!' I shouted, blushing and gathering my underwear together.

'At what? Your frilly knickers?' he said. 'I'm just kidding, I'll wait outside while you put your things away. I'll be waiting outside.' He then walked out of the room, half closed the door and laid down on the big gold sofa. As long as I could remember, he would always tease me, and then compensate for it by being kind. How nostalgic!

After fifteen minutes of running around the big room, admiring the en-suite and stuffing my clothes into a rather large wardrobe, I called him in. The room had a baby pink wallpaper, with roses printed onto it, and a four-poster bed with curtains and matching bedding. There's a wardrobe, chest and bookshelf, as well as a desk and personal bathroom that has its own shower. This room is simply amazing! 

'I'm almost done, but I'll finish it of later.' I said, throwing myself onto the comfy bed. Harry walked in with a school uniform and a bunch of books.

'Here is your new school uniform and the books you will need for school.' he said, handing me the clothes and putting the books on my almost-empty desk. Looking at the uniform, it was as if it was straight out of a movie. It was a black blazer with a white shirt that had a red tie around it. A red half-pleated skirt and thigh-high black socks were also there. 

'Wow!' I said, imagining myself wearing it.

'I knew you'd like it.' he chuckled. 'But before you can wear that, I have to explain everything you need to know. First, your timetable is in your student planner, but your in all of my classes so there isn't need to worry about that. Second, I'm sure when you came to your room you passed the girls dorms and every few rows, the theme changed colour right? Well that's all part or the ranking system. From the start of the hallway, all the way down to the bottom, your ranking depends on how good you are at acting, and your part of the special rank, gold. From the bottom it starts from black, orange, green, red, blue then gold. Only elites that are extremely gifted are allowed in gold.'

'But, I'm not that good y'ano. I'm still shy on stage like I use to be.' I said.

'That's not true! I saw the video of you that was sent in, and your amazing! I'm also in gold.' Harry was saying while using his hands to emphasize the whole thing even more. 'But anyway, the higher the rank, the better you get treated and the easier it'll be to get an acting job. You can get scouted at school anytime really. It's not easy to be on top though, you need to get high academic marks on all subjects and be especially good at acting.'

'...' My mouth was wide open. I mean, I do quite good in all subjects, but I freeze up every time I feel someone is watching me.

'I'm sure it'll be fine, but if you need any help, my room is exactly next door, so come on in anytime!' Harry said, grinning.

'Thanks a bunch.' I replied, hoping that I wouldn't have to perform any time soon. 

'School starts tomorrow, so I'd get your stuff together before tomorrow morning.' he said, sitting next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders.

'I guess.' I replied, feeling comforted by Harry's strong, warm arms.

The End

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