Crystal Wings

Jennifer Evans is a girl who loves acting and has a pretty face and perfect figure, but there is one problem. She's extremely shy. After being persuaded, she reluctantly applies for an acting school where the story begins.

'Hey Mom. I'm home. The mail is here.' I said, closing the door, checking to see if I had any letters, not that I ever got any.

'Hi Honey, there should be something for you today!' Mom shouted from upstairs. I wonder what it could be... Searching through them, Mrs Evans... Mr Evans... Mrs Evans... Jennifer Evans... Jennifer Evans! Tossing the rest of the letters on the kitchen counter, I jumped onto the sofa and excitedly opened it up. Reading it, my mouth dropped wide open.

Dear Miss Jennifer Evans,

Congratulations! Your application to the California School of Acting has been accepted. You will be able to live in the dormitory and unpack your belongings before your first day. Please read the information attached and give me a call when your ready to leave your current high school. 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J Owens, Headmistress. 

'MOOOM! What is this letter?!' I shouted, running upstairs to mothers room, where she was reading a book on her bed.

'Well done sweetie. I sent in a video of you acting in your room and you got a full scholarship! Your really talented Jen.' she replied in a calm voice.

'But I cann't! You know how shy I am, I'll never make it as an actor.' I said, climbing on the bed to sit next to mom.

'I know you can. I believe in you. Now I know that you are a shy girl, but your staying at the school, so I'm sure that you will make some new friends.'


'No no Jennifer. This school is definitely better then East Row High. You'd be able to get away from those nasty girls. Make a fresh start.'

'Alright, I get it. When do I start?'

'Next monday. I'll drop you of on sunday morning, but don't worry, I've done a little research, and had a chat with the headmistress. Her child is in the same year as you, and will show you around and keep you company. before you even get there you'd have someone who's willing to help you out!'

'Fine. I guess I need to start packing then right?'

'Yeah, I'll help you sweetheart.'

'Thanks Mom.'


Sunday morning, California.

'Okay dear, this is where I have to let you go.' Mom said, handing me my gigantic suitcase. 'I'll come visit soon. I love you.'

'I love you too Mom.' I said, becoming teary-eyed. Just as I managed to hold the tears back, a smart looking lady in a suit came towards me. Thinking to myself, she must be Mrs Owens. Her brown hair was short but suited her face well, and she looked fairly young, wearing gorgeous black heels. Waving a final goodbye to my mom, she drove of in her jet black sports car.

'Hi, you must be Jennifer Evans, pleased to meet you. I'm your new headmistress, Mrs Owens. I'll show you to your room where your friend is waiting for you. Your belongings came yesterday, so they were placed in your room.' she said, holding her hand out to me. Shaking it, I pondered at why she said 'friend' because I'm sure that I don't know anyone here.

'It's nice to meet you too.' I replied, smiling back at her.

'If you may, I'll take you up now. I must say, to please the director of the school and to be placed in a gold room, you are a very talented girl.' she said, leading me through what looked like a lot of hallways, full of rooms. Going down the hallway, every few rows changed colour in wallpaper. At the end of the corridor, there was a fancy decorated gold door. Looking around, girls were whispering around me, looking and staring as  if I was some sort of freak. Walking past them, I heard one of them say 'I wonder what rank she is.' What does that mean?

'Your room is through here.' Mrs Owens said. Opening the door, I heard gasps all around me.' Stepping through, I didn't believe what I saw. It was like it wasn't part of the school at all. The room had 8 doors, including two doors to the girls and boys dorm, and the others were rooms. The decor was posh and it seemed that it was for royalty. 

'I'm sure your confused, but I have you a helper to tell you how things work here. Your room is number 5. Here is your key.' the headmistress said, handing me a key with the school crest key chain attached. It was a silver rose. 'I'll leave you for now, but if you have any questions, I'll be in my office.' she said, waving and walking out of the fancy room to the other corridor we just passed through.

Terribly puzzled, I unlocked my door, only to find a pink rose themed room with  a person sat in the middle of a four-poster bed that lay in the centre of the overly big room-for-one person. The person was a boy, with chocolate brown hair and bright blue eyes. Instantly I knew who he was; my long lost childhood friend, Harry.

The End

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