Prologue: Part 1: New York City...........Mature

New York City.

New Amsterdam.

The City.

The City So Nice they Named it Twice.

The Big Apple.

The Empire City.

The City That Never Sleeps.

The Capital of the World.

The City at The Center of the Universe.

The City of The Fallen Angel.

Just a city.

A small city.

Originally founded just like any other city in the United States and named the same way.

New York City is just the same as you would read it in the ordinary history books, with the pages falling apart, pages ripped in a normal school where the building is older than everyone that attends, with the school lawn have a little to or no patches of grass and read by a normal school student who attended a ordinary school in a ordinary building in a ordinary city in a ordinary world that is not New York City.

The City Motto "Ad quod obtinendum scientia Universo". To Obtain Knowledge of the Universe.

The question: What is out there in the universe? What is the universe? How big is the universe? and the biggest question of them all-If the universe size is infinite, are we the only species in the universe?

The city relies on both Science and Magic for answers to those questions.

It purpose to understand the larger universe and all it properties. It accept the known and unknown. The which can be explained and the what cannot be explained.

The two opposite.

The Yin and Yang of our lone world.

Two side of the same coin.

Only when opposite are in unity together can harmony be achieved, or so the saying goes.

This one city surrounded by walls that cut itself off from the rest of the world to obtain the answers it is searching for.

The entire city exist for the that one purpose. It poured all of it resources into building the perfect city.

Here in this large advanced technological city with a population of 8,175,133. This metropolis-like city, made up of white buildings which give the city the appearance of something out of futuristic sci-fi movie. It give the New York City skyline an appearance to die for.

A truly amazing sight.

The white city.

Legend has it that the city was founded by an fallen angel, which is why the city has its appearance.

It was the just the same.

New York City is it own little small world,

Within a bigger world.

A much bigger world................

The End

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