Crystal Guardians: Volume 1: The Girl With Eyes of BlueMature

Haruko Matsumoto is a ordinary teen living in New York City, a city that cut itself off from most of the world for it pursuit for the knowledge of the universe. New York City, a city that accept both Magic and Science-Based powers as answers. In one night Haruko, meets a girl in blue who claims the she is a GOD, who power ignore the laws of Magic and Science. The story begins here.


There is a larger universe out there and one city is determined to find it. Welcome to New York City, a small city that cut itself from the rest of the world by openly accepting both Magic-based and Science-based powers in a attempt to understand the universe larger than it self............... Enter Haruko Matsumoto, a boy who neither can preform magic or preform science based abilities. By all means Haruko, is a failure child the rest of the world would not even look at, but his destiny would change all when on the eve of his 16 birthday he meets a small girl dressed in blue named Aoi, who proclaims that she a "God" who very powers ignores the same laws of both science and magic which he tries to understand, he also discovers that there other people looking for her and her power. In one night Haruko Matsumoto life is changed as he is thrown into battle for power that would not only decide fate of one girl but everyone, the city, the state, the world, the universe, and so on...... But with the fate of everything on the line can a boy that with no powers change the fate everything. What will happen when is thrown into the world of GODS as he learns that the Universe is bigger than you think.

The End

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