I could feel my blood pouring out of my body. My painful eyes shut tightly. My purple dress that ties behind my neck was now ripped. I was too cold inside to notice that the wind had picked up around me. The wind was making my long light blonde hair fly around me, the wind suddenly dropped and so did my hair. Tried to force my mind into remembering how I got here. It was hard my head hurt too much for me to remember details such as this.

The only things I could remember were, getting ready and coming to the party. Then at the party I was drinking and dancing, my arms linked with someone I couldn't remember. I knew what the party was for. Who was holding the party? A girl I think.

I tried to move, but that only made the pain worse. I managed to move a hand across my body. I could feel cuts across my body, like someone had sharp crawls. One of the cuts was deep and long that went across my right hip. My blood was worse here, it flowed out leaking into the hard ground that my back was lying on. I couldn't hear anything not the sound of the leaves on the tree tops. I could feel myself slipping into unconscious. My body lay crumpled and broken on the forest floor that was covered in my blood.       

The End

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