Go and got capturedMature


I heared the news quickly. Curse Ureldur and his stupid clan. Well, it was the humans fault they are such back trackers.... in fact such bad anything.

I do find fasination in some of there ways. I shouldn't really but I do. Elves talk about Humans all the time. The council are discussing now weather they are a threat or a help for the future.

I mean we did use to take humans from there homes in the night years and years ago but now they have all that software we would never get away with it.

I sigh. Oh and guess what Breeze added to the drama. I walk to my house.... well I have to climb once I reach the tree my house is built in.

Yes, we live in tree houses. Then we have hanging bridges across from one to another. The only building on the ground. It the Coucil Citadel. Its made entirely of crystals. Hence what this forest is named after its range of crystals.

I walk into my hut... in the trees.... and go straight to my room walking past me mother.

I'm annoyed and its not good to be around people when I am annoyed. I sort of get....... Hard to talk with and a bit violent....... Well the elements get violent which is my fault.

I also have the duty of keeping the rain away. Thats my job as an elemental. Everyone has a job. I could join a clan.

I mean I've had enough offers but I don't want to. They can be bloody. I fall onto my bed and easily fall off to sleep.

Stupid human. I'll sort it out later. They wont kill him I know that. Imprisonment.... Probably.

The End

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