Ureldur Blackbow

I stalked silently from tree to tree, looking for anything that may endanger my people, such as the predators that hunt in the woods, my people hate to kill wildlife, we are taking life that we should not, but in times like these it is important to ensure our survival, as we are not many in number.

My long black hair flys through the wind as i jumped from tree to tree, my bow hanging by my back and my dagger at my side. My bow and arrows are black, convinient? But my clan are born archers. We have remarkable alchemy skills also, we created a poison that stops the heart instantly, we use this on our arrows to prevent suffering to the animals me put down.

As i decend down a tree, i find tracks unlike any i have seen before, i investigate and they seem to go towards a village not far from where i am, i then hear a gunshot...

My golden eyes concentrate, and i transform into a jungle stalker, they are an agile creature and will get me to the gunshot in no time. As i walk cautiously along the fresh green grass, i hear a branch snap, i move my head and i hear a gunshot, and something skims past my head. I see a figure run past too quickly for me to see what it is, i transform back and chase this hunter.

I tie a rope around one of my arrows and manage to get by him and i shoot it and make a trip wire, stupid creature goes straight into it and falls to the ground. I jumped down from the tree and walk slowly towards the figure, cowering trying to reach his gun, i run over and put my foot on it.
"You have alot to explain, human!" i order

The End

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