I race through the forest. Not meant to be this far out but when ever have I listened to that.

I love the forest. Beauty the Elements together have created. Elemental Magic is so fun to control. I know its common, although my other power isn't.

Telepathy. I seem to be the only one with it so far but there is those two people with mind shields that dispise me. Eek, do not know what I did wrong.

I skip up to a tree and climb up to a sturdy branch easily. I sit hapilly looking out at the forest that shines against the sunshine.

Untouched by polution caused by humans. I sigh breathing in the taste.... then Bang!

"Ahh!" I fall from the branch but catch it so I dont fall. I let go dropping to the floor in a crouch.

I decide to follow the bang and allowing my senses to widen I follow it. I wizz through the forest then come to a sudden stop staring.

The Human boy lowers his gun turning to look at me eyes widening. His hair is oak brown and his eyes ocean blue. "No" I gasp.  I look at where he was shooting to see shots in a tree.

Forgetting the humans presense I run over to the tree and put a hand to the wound. "I'm sorry" I whisper. The bark heals over.

"What are you?"

I turn to face the boys super quickly. I get into a defensive crouch. I bare my teeth with are sharper than his.

He steps back. I hear guard elves rushing far off. I straighten up looking slightly back over my shoulder.

"What is it?"

I look at the boy. "Leave if you want to live" I say.

I begin to turn away but he stops me. "Wait, at least tell me your name" he says.

I look back at him. "Willow" I say smiling. Then I quickly rush off not looking back. The council ain't gonna like this.

The End

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