Crystal ForestMature

Elves are an endagered species. They live in the city of Elven in the Crystal Forest.
Each one has a distinct ability and they all use them to stay alive.

In the Crystal Forest lives a intelligent species. They are intune with nature and live in the city called Elven.

They are Elves and they are endagered. They are human sized, have pointed ears, sharpened teeth and there hair colour ranges largely.

They are all never aging past 16 - 18 years. Of course they can die. Everything has to die in the end.

They also all have unique abilities. Some can be alike and sometimes the same but rarely.

The Elves are ruled by a council of twelve of the eldest Elves. Then one day crisis strikes.

The humans are getting closer to the Crystal Forest. Its protection slipping on certain younglings.

This may help or destroy the future of the Elf race.

The End

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