"I can't really see it." I see his face drop. I get up. "But I think I can draw it. Sometimes I can't but.. I dunno." I shrug. I never really thought about it before. I look around and I can hear someone come into the shop.

I look at Nigel and smile. "C'mon, we're gonna find that girl in my drawing." I whisper while pulling Nigel along behind me. "I don't think that's such a good idea. Those demons are after us!" He hisses under his breath. I roll my eyes.

"So? Live life on the wild side. C'mon when I tell you to run, leg it out the shop. Got it?" He looks confused. I throw something across the room, making a loud smashing noise. The goth girl looks confused and goes over to it.

"Run!" We both run to the door and out the shop, the angel who was in there comes out after us. "What are you two running from?" I punch him in the face and grab Nigels arm. We both start running into the park. "why the hell did you do that?" Nigel asks loudly.

"Er, so we could get away! Do you know where we can go?" He nods, "Yeah, I know a place."

The End

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