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I wake. Huh, when did..... Oh, it all comes rushing back to me. Micheal, Bliss..... Derian. I blush brightly.

At least he's a gentalman.

Amelie would be pouting and steam coming out of her ears if I could see her. I knew she thinks what I did was stupid but...... When we reached his apartment he showed me a room and left.

Lingering on the door a bit but...... He was very calm. I sigh. Then three knocks at the door.

"I've put some towels in the bathroom..... you can have a shower if you need to" he says. I look down at the pjarmes he created before my eyes out of smoke.

Magic is weird. I scares me at what it can do...... Yet it pulls at something deep in my soul.

"I've put some clothes in there as well..... I think they'll fit" Then I hear retreating footsteps.

Have I said that I don't like this?

Several time Amelie. I hop out of the bed. I grab my boots and bag then walk to the door.

I peek out. He's not in the hallway. I run across to the bathroom and slip in. I sigh. I lock the door and notice the towel and clothes laid out on the rack above the heater.

Then I look at the bath. "Wow" I gasp.

He surely has taste.

But I can hear anger and annoyance in her voice. I pull off the pjarmes. They're light and black but not at all thin. Really thick and I needed that in the cold room.

I turn on the shower.

Why not a bath? Its on his expense.

I prefure showers. I step into the warm water and let it soak my skin. I then notice the range of shampoo's and body lotioners.

God.... he couldn't use all this normally. I swallow nervously. I wash my hair then my body and jump out.

I grab the towel and wrap it round my body. I dry my hair with it slightly. I notice a hair dryer and straighteners to the side.

He spent a lot of time on getting everything in here. I look at the clothes. A knee height dress, short sleeved, not clingy but loose. Then dark legging and a short length jacket, also black.

How did he know my size? And how would he know I would like it?

He didn't he guessed.... you're easy to read.

Amelie's voice in my mind shocks me back to reality and I begin on my hair.

The End

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