I slowly open my eyes. I yawn whilie I streach. Man, that was uncomfitable.

I get out of the chair and pick up my bag and picture. I look at mypicture, memorising the faces. Where will they be?

I run out the cementary and go into the park. Hardly anyone's out. God, it must be early! I run twice around and nothing. Well, I saw a few creatures with wings but they didn't botherme today. My phone stars to ring.


"Bliss it's me."

"Hey. What's happening with mother?"

"She...She's in a coma dear."

"Is she gonna be alright?"

"They don't know. Look dear, I know it's hard but..."

The line went dead, cutting of my neighbors crying. I sigh putting my phone back into my pocket. Mother will be alright. She'll be alright. I tell myself.

I walk out the park and into the high street. I'll go look back in there later if I can't find them here. I walk around for what feels like hours. I shake my head, they're nowhere to be seen. I sit on a bench and right in front of me is the shop where the goth girl gave me that poem.

My fingers pull out the poem. I stand up and cross the road. She'll know what's going on. And if it's not open,then I'll wait until it does! I push the door and it swings open. Good. I walk in and go right up to the counter where the goth girl is. She smiles at me.

"Hey ..." Oh what's her name? "Blade." I nod. "Yeah Blade. You might not remeber but you gave me a p.." "You found out what the spell can do." She nods, smiling at me. "Yeah. Erm, do youknow these people?" I show her my picture and point out the girl and boy who I'mfighting with. She nods and singles me to follow her.

She leads me into a storge room where a teenage who is in. My mouth hangs open. It's him! The dude from my drawing! It's really him! He looks at Blade confused. "I'm Bliss. I can see them too." I say excitedly. He still looks at Blade. "It's true Nigel. She's just like you." She gives him my drawing and he looks at it.

He look up at me. "I'll be at the counter if you need me." And with that Blade disappears out the room. "So you can see them too?" I nod. "Can I have mydrawing back?" I askthe dark orange eyed 16 year old. He looks down at it. "You did this?" "Yep." "It's really good." He says giving it back to me. "Thanks." I say putting it into my bag.

"Isn't it weird seeing them? Like. for all your life. I love that about this." He looks confused. "You've seen them all your life?" I nod. "Haven't you?" He shakes his head. Oh. Maybe we're different after all.

The End

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