Not Alone.Mature


Done. I look down at my perfect drawing, now complete, and gasp. No way!

There's the girl is still in it but so is a teenage guy with slightly spiked hair and me. Me! In all the pictures I've drawn, I'm never in them. It's not just us three though, there's lods of demons and angels around us and it looks like we're fighting them.

God, we must be mental! I look up at the spirits confused. "I've never seen these people before. Are they like me? Can they see creatures like you too?" I can tell the answer is yes. "Where can I find them?" I stand up, getting ready to go get them but only to get my bag pulled back into my seat.

I sit down. Fine. I'll sleep now but tomorrow, I'm gonna find these people and we're seriously gonna kick some creature butt!

The End

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