Out Of Breath, Out Of TimeMature

The demons chase after me cackling at how defenceless I'am.  Cowards , if only if I knew how to defend myself from them.  I hear the air being pushed aside from a highspeed punch I drop to the ground into a slide doddging it.

" Your reflexes are bloody fantastic boy!" I hear the demons voice as I get up and turn around the corner. I hear bricks smash as one misses me.

A couple jump in front of me and anticipating my next move. I don't hesitate too pick up the pace and charge for them. They take the ruse as I slow the pace and turn to there right just barely escaping there greedy claw like hands. I kept running but soon the downfall of being a human is the body can only take you so far. My breath was begining to deepen and began to burn my legs could keep going but my respiratory system couldn't keep up. I turn the corner and dive into a abandonned building.

" I've got to get going."  I whisper to myself as the demons come around the  corner.

They slowed they knew I was here. I breath slowly and shallowy it burned my lungs to do this but I couldn't let them hear me. I bring my head below the window.  Suddenly the wall explodes with a red clawed and that graps and pulls me through the wall.

" Your out of time. Little seerer your mine! Ha ha."   The demon lifts me into the air.  His claw like hands wrap around my body squeezing the air out of it. I really couldn't argue with it it had me where I couldn't move.

" This really is a crummy end." I say as the demons mouth seems to grow. I struggle in his hand and something strange happens like i have him a shock I drop to the ground and get up the demon. Was holding his hand in pain , and screaming.  What the hell did I do to him? I look to my hands they seemed to be glowing a blue flame that I never saw.

" Oi boy there if you want to live you better follow me." A gothic girl says from down the street. I obliged immediatly and followed, my hands stopped glowing.

The End

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