Staying at the house of a soul stealerMature


"I don't know if I want to go home" I mumble looking at Micheal whose keeps hissing at various Other deamons, Spirits, Angels and Deamons. I grip the magic book tight to my chest.

"You could stay at mine..." Micheal surgests.

What do you think?

I have no objections, I would rather be happy about it since Derian's resent intress in you and yours in him.

I sigh. "Amelie finds that fine" I say folding my arms across my chest and looking down at the pavement.

"Are you okay? I mean really" Micheal asks. I look up at him and smile slightly.

"I just have a lot to think over. I've learned so much in two days" I say looking back down at the floor. "I should call Joe" I say pulling out my phone.

I dial the number and put it to my ear.


"Hi Joe.... Its Eve. I'm going to be staying at a friends"

"Really?" I can hear the total shock in his voice. "Who?"

"Oh, a friend out of school called Amelie"

Oh yes bring me into this.

"Well, I'll tell Sally and Mrs Marks" Joe says. "Have fun okay?"

"Sure, Bye Joe" I press end and I see Micheal smiling. "What?" I ask confused. I tilt my head looking at him confused.

"Nothing, but you did just lie to your.... what is he to you? Friend?"

"He's my brother. Me, him and Sally have been together most of our lives" I say gripping the book back to my chest.

Wow, you've lived rough.

"That's a long time. Ah, we have to turn here" he says. We take the corner and come on to a posh street.

"Um, you don't live with anyone else right?" I ask worried. "I mean other Angels and Deamons"

Micheal coughs looking nervous. "I live with Katie" he says. "But don't worry.... I'll make sure she doesn't get near you"

Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

"I think I should go stay somewhere else" I say stepping back. I come up against someone and spin round to face Derian.

Worse Idea.

Amelie's voice is sharp. I feel Micheal become tense next to me. Derian nods at Micheal then looks at me.

"You need help" he says.

"Yeah but how...."

"The little stone I gave you is a telepathic connection stone. It warns me when you are in need of help" Derian says smiling.

I pull out the object I had completely forgotten about and looked down at it. It was glowing but slowly as a solution to my problem came it faded.

"Shall we go?" Derian says calmly.



Micheal and Amelie say it at the same time. I turn to Micheal answering them both. "He won't harm me.... I know that much. Thank you for the offer Micheal but like you said in the shop about Blade there's no garantees I'll get out of that house with my soul" I lean up kiss him on the cheek and turn to Derian.

He bows slightly and steps aside.

Bad idea. I know he won't harm you but...

I follow Derian down the street taking a look back at Micheal who of course looks upset.

The End

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