Throughout the day I find myself seeing different things about people. Horns eyes , wings , tails lizard like skin. It was really hard to get used to but eventually it didn't bother me as much as it used but I did my best to stay away from them afriad that they could be just like Emily.  I had a feeling that Emily was probably still on the prowel so I would leap into the shadows if I heard the roar of a high end car.

After wandering the streets of the town studying and observing the odd beings I saw I still didn't learn how to dispatch of them. It was a fruitless attempt though I mean just looking at them and studying movements isn't going to tell me much. Even with that to justify myself I still was angry at myself. The sun began to drop below the horizon , I didn,'t want to go home just yet, so I began to hang around a safe well busied part of town. The lights from multiple nightclubs bars, resturants , and cinemas lit the streets.  I still felt uneasy still , and decided as much as my foster parent scares me and disturbs me I might be better off.  Just as I turn as turn around I see that dammdable porsche but this time for demons step out of the porsche. Emily looked completly fine for a person who was crushed underneath a car.

" Oh, come on!"  I complain and try to escape but someone jumps behind. Great I'm surrounded.

" You keep getting stupider , and stupider Nigel. This time though you can't escape , not this time."  She says then grins nicely as her and her friends get closer licking their lips. What do I look tasty or something? 

I raised my fist up yesterday I was able to throw Emily into a wall, perhaps I can do that agian.  There was no way I can run from this one.  Emily jumps forward I follow her trajectory she was hoping to land on me.   I step out of the way she lands beside me. I swiftly kick her on the back and  punch her face.  She didn't move it was like trying to kick a boulder.   I step back away from her as her cronies lunge for me.   One darts forward and punches me in the stomach winding me he picks me up and throws me to the ground.  With little time to react I roll away gasping for air. I look up they where all going to be on me in seconds.  I get up and jump backwards and lean forwards to main a centered balance.

I Was still trying to recover from being winded but something told me I didn't want those demons to touch me.  I try to  run off side but they are as or may agile than I.

" Little seerer your either going to surrender or fight as hand to hand." One hisses.

There was definetly no way I was going to surrender.  I look at the group as they get ready I could throw at em. Alright her goes absolutly nothing, I jump and drop kick a guy in the front row with cow like horns.   I  put my hand on his shoulders and bring my legs over kicking the group of demons and plant my feet on the ground now I think I could run.

The End

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