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I shake my hair out. "Curse the rain" I mumble. Micheal laughs. Blade sees me and smiles then sees Micheal. She glares at him and fire lights on her fists.

"Hey, don't he's not going to hurt me" I say putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Doesn't count for me" she hisses. I look at him and he shrugs.

"Sorry, no garantee's" he says.

"Wait outside then" I mumble. He nods then leaves the shop the bell tingling.

Good ridance... for now.

I turn to Blade. "He's not so bad" I say shrugging.

"They're all bad. You're just lucky he has feelings for you" she says. I wince the words stinging.

I can't help but keep thinking about that and I don't know what to do.

"What can I get you?"

"Oh, Um a magic book" I mumble.

"Can't Ame-"


I think Blade saw my pain. "Oh, sorry. Learning right"

She moves off. Why did you do that it hurt?

I am sorry but... *Sigh*... You have to learn.

I shake my head and go over to Blade whose pulled down several books. She takes them to the counter and spaces them out.

"All these will-"

She cuts off as the bell for the door goes. I spin to see an Other Deamon walk in.

Thats no Other Deamon.

I step to the side as he approaches the counter. Now I see what Amelie means. No extra limbs.

Smoke clings to his step. He stops to look at me. I shiver and he smiles stepping closer.

I see Blade duck down behind the counter.

"That Angel outside... he's waiting for you right?"

"Uh, yeah" My body feels cold and Amelie isn't speaking but I can feel her fear. "Who... who are you?"

He smiles. Then he kneels quickly takes my hand and kissed the knuckle. Amelie gasps in my mind.

"My name is Derian" he says getting to his feet. I don't even realise he's still holding my hand till he pulls me closer to him. "It is nice to meet you Seerer"

Then Blade jumps up. "Leave her Derian" she say sternly. He turns not letting go of my hand.

He smiles then lets go stepping back and the warmth hits me so suddenly. "I am looking for Firestite" he says.

Blade nods then pulls down a box from and shelf behind her. She lifts the lid and begins searching for it.

I feel the cold again and look back over me shoulder to see him watching Blade. He see's me looking at him and looks down. "Blade is marvolous with her work" he says.

"What are you?" I whisper.

"A valuable ally" he says and I feel something pressed into my hand. "And it was nice to meet you again Answers"

Go to hell.

"Not yet" he says. I realise then Amelie had just spoke aloud. He takes a rock Blade holds out then turn and leaves the shop.

Micheal slips in moment after. "Are you okay?" he says checking on me.

"I'm fine" I say nodding. Problem is. I'm better than fine. Even though the cold was actually there somehow I felt warm inside.


You've fallen in love with him. This will be a problem. Considering he is the exact opposite of a Seerer and under the rule of Darkness.

The End

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