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I jump out the window. Gloves on, dagger easy to retrieve and flute tucked nicely in my belt.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Why can't I stick with music it seems to work easy enough.

We need a spell book. I can create one but you have to learn.

I sigh. Blade's shop might not even be open. Maybe I'm wasting my time. Maybe I should just go ba-

You are not going back! Also she will be open.... especially at night. You'll have to be careful of the people in the shop.

I shiver at the thought of some weird looking Deamon, an Other Deamon. I take a short cut through the alley.

Stay Sharp.

I'm looking you numpty. I keep my hearing consentrated. I hear a snap of a twig and spin to face...... Micheal.

"Micheal" I gasp. He was smiling evily, his wings clearly visable and black. But now they soften to white and his smile fades.

"Eve?" he says uncertain. "What are you doing out here?"

Ahh, the facade is on.

"I'm just... going for a walk" I say.

His eyes travel all over my body making me feel nervous, then he speaks. "You shouldn't come out at night... Its dangerous. Surely The Answers should have told you that"

I step back shocked.


I turn on my heels and leg it. "Eve!" Micheal voice shouts. "Wait!"

A figure lands in front of me and I realise its Micheal. I come to a sudden stop and try to turn again but he grabs my wrists.

"I'm not here to hurt you" he says and his face is so genuine I find myself relaxing. "Come here"

He pulls me into a hug and his arms are strong around me.

This isn't right in this close contact.... he should have stolen your soul.

I begin to squirm. "I won't steal your soul" Micheal murmurs into the crook of my neck.

"But... Amelie said-" I stutter but Michael cuts me off.

"I can't steal your soul Eve. I care for you too much" he mutters.

Ah, yeah. There other weakness. They can't use there soul steal on anyone they feel... even the slightest emotions for.

Uh, please says he doesn't love me.

Seems so.

I push myself away looking down at the floor and Micheal looks at me confused. He takes a step forwards and I put a fist to his chest to stop him.

"Don't" I mutter.

"Why not?"

"I can't deal with this" I indicate the closeness with my free hand then look up at him. "Right now"

He sighs stepping back. "Fine" he mutters. Also I don't know if I even feel anything for him anymore.

Time will tell. I never liked that saying. Weird I'm using it now.

"I need to get to Blade's shop" I mumble.

"I'll escort you... Answers should have told you. The Deamons and Creatures come out stronger at night"

I did but you're prepared.

"Well, I think I could have dealt with them" I say messing with my gloves. Micheal looks at them and nods.

"Don't use the dagger close to me though" he says.

"Agreed" I say.

The End

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