Getting upMature


I hardly slept at all last night. Emily or whatever she is either crept into my dreams or I tried to make sense of all of this, but atleast I came to the conclusion that I didn't take anything yesterday I got out of the house before he tried to kill me. So that brought that done to the most unlikely thing there is more to this world than meets the eye. I found it disturbing , and wasn't sure how to handle it. I got out my bag of saved up money, a few articles and clothing and jumped out the window. Just in case I needed to get back I made sure I can get throughthe same way , thats if I decided to go back.  I walk up the street even though it isn't a school day like every other day the porsch pulls ahead and stop.

Today is however is different Emily steps out of the car with a smile. My steps come to a stop.  A small flicker of fear went across my face.  I take one step back  and look closely at Emily. I knew she wasn't normal so she must have some differences on her.

" Taking the same route agian? You must be stupid."  She says sounding human.

" No I was hoping I would see you so I can ask what are you?"  I say sounding alot braver then I felt.

" Your being awfully cocky to come looking for me."  She says her figure distorting again but then it cleared and I could see better. She had a red like tail and blond horns.  I threw that backwards yesterday?

" What are you?" I ask probably already knowing the answer. 

" Stupid, I'm a Demon can't you tell?"

Yup I knew the asnwere all along.  She comes running up to me, at the very last second I duck underneath Emily -Demon, and instinlt turn around and kick her in the back sending her stumbling forwards.With that little extra time I just bought I ran.  I wasn't going to kill a demon empty handed in atleast every story i read , and every movie I watched I knew that Demons don't go down from hand to hand combat.  But what the hell I'mma gonna use?

The End

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