I slip into the house luckily Mr Marks is asleep, otherwise I'd be busted. I can't deal with him on my own.

I pull out my Flute case from beneath my bed and open it up upon the bed.

Hmm, quite nice.

I scoff. I put together the pieces. I sit on my bed with the flute in my hands.

What are you waiting for? Lets here you play.

I sigh. Then slowly I bring the flute up to my lips and hold it gently. Then I begin to play. Soft notes. I called this song 'Family along the River' from when me, Joe and Sally were living in the forest for a while.

Before Mrs Marks took us in.


Amelie's voice in my mind is a gentle sigh. I stop hearing a creek outside the room.

"Eve?" Mr Marks voice is thick his tongue probably heavy in his mouth. I stay quiet letting the flute fall into my lap.

The door rattles and I pull my legs up on to the bed scrambling back, my flute tightly cluted in my left hand.

"Let me in Eve..... I can... Ugh..... Show you a good time" The door rattles again and I find myself shaking.

Play the Flute... Listen to me!

I follow Amelie's instrustions bringing the flute to my lips. I play the notes Amelie puts into my head.

Fast, quick, complicated notes. I don't know how its meant to help..... until I see the flute begin to glow. I feel something tinglling against my skin.

Sparks? Sparkling?

The door stops rattling and I hear something heavy fall to the floor. What the-

Sleep spell.... you can cast with Music.... I made your flute magical so it would work.... be careful how you play that now.

I look at the flute. Its sparks with a golden light around the silver.

"Beautiful" I whisper. Its very captivating.

Maybe I should teach you some.... manovers with your knife?

I put the flute carefully down on the bed then hop up. I pull the blade out of the sheath hidden under the fabric of my trousers. I hid the hilt with my top.

Hold the hilt so the blade points out.

I do as told. Then Amelie begins intructing how to do simple cuts, jabs and defensive manoveurs.

"Break" I sigh falling back on to the bed.

Okay. You should have a drink.

I put the blade back in its sheath hiding the hilt again with my top. Then I go over to my bag and pull out my bottle.

Even though Mr Marks is asleep and Amelie has assured me he will not wake for hours yet...... I don't want to risk it.

I don't trust this magic yet.

The End

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