They're Everywhere!Mature


I want to go in the shop but I know I'm too emotional so I run to the park and sit on a bench. Tears are still streaming and I get my phone out to check my messages. Nothing! I scream out, not caring if people think I'm crazy, not caring about anything that happens to me. Maybe that demon was right. Maybe I should give them me in exchange for curing mother of her cancer. 

I get up, I need to run. I need to clear my head. On my second time around the park, I see a guy with horns and a horrible tail. I quicken my pace, wishing that I never had this stupid gift. More and more I  see. Why won't they just leave me alone? Why won't they go away?

I have to get away. I have to talk to someone; but who? I'm already running to the cementary before it even crosses my mind.

The End

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