Performing with the AirMature


I run out of the shop and thwack. "Oh, sorry" I say nodding then I run off again. I need to find somewhere private.

Well Amelie wants me to. I head for the park and find a bench near the lake and slump down.

Then poof. "Ahh!" I shriek dropping the book that feel into my lap.

Oh, hush. Its just an air magic book.

I look down at the book then turn to the first page. My head spins. I don't get this. I look down at the book in my lap that Amelie made appear.

Of course you don't... yet. It's written in the symbols of the Pathway.

Where is this pathway is what I like to know? A boy walks past checking my out slightly as he goes and I hiss at him cause I see his tail and horns. Uh, discusting.

Indeed. And I may not tell you the Pathway's location yet. You are not ready. Now consentrate. You need to learn this to perform with the air.

Uh, this all sounds so cheesy. I consentrate down at the symbols. "Hey, these are begining to make sense" I exclaim.

Its like the words are moving so I can read them.

Thats what they're meant to do.

It would be nice if you were kind once in a while and give me some credit. I look off towards the lake. I've always loved nature its so peaceful.

Your love of nature comes from being a Seerer. Do you like Music? Drawing? Creating (Like building and such)

Um, I play Flute, Piano and sing..... Amelie is silent.

That is quite impressive I was meaning by Music maybe just one insturment or singing.

I didn't have much to on the street. I've hardly played on a piano... for my 15th I got a flute from Mrs Marks, Joe and Sally.

Do you have it on you? Or can we fetch it?

We can fetch it. I get to my feet closing the book which disapear when closed. Why though?

I wish to hear you play. Besides it might help you be calm.

Oh, thanks. But I don't argue further I begin down the path towards the road. I should run... yes, a nice gentle jog.

I begin and the necklace doesn't flail around like other necklaces it clings to my neck. Well, of course the things alive it doesn't want to be thrown about.

The End

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