No! Go away!Mature


After the project Which I found Emily being over enthusiastic with , and also coming a little to close for comfort. I was quite happy I won't be seeing her for the rest of the day until well end of the day. I was taking my usual back route rarely used exit and somehow see catches up.

" I should let you know, my parents are out you should phone the child care people , and stay with me until they deal with him." Emily says getting straight in the way.

" No." I push past her. 

" Your being awfully cold." She complains and grabs my hand. 

" I said no." I say twisting my hand out not exactly picking up a good vibe here.

" Why not?" Emily says.

" No! I will not stay at your house. Go away!" I begin to get angry. I turn around Emilies figure distorted.

" What the?" 

" You awefully stupid for a Seerer." I hear her voice, " You should have seen what I was long ago. This is a joke."

I feel a cold clammy hand grab my left armI hate the feeling of it.

" Gerroff!" I yell swing my arm and the Distorted emily figure is thrown agianst the wall. 

" Oh I see your not much of a believer in magic huh?" I hear her voice except it seemed to echo in an unnatural way.

I begin to run. This is so wierd, please tell me I didn't grab the same stuff my idiotic foster parent takes.  My legs take me far , I don't dare look back even if it was a figament of my imagination it was still absolutely terrifieing. I slow down once I reach a part of town allowing my jacket to catch up. 

" That was not very fun." I say to myself to still shocked.  Suddenly  a girl nearly runs into me " Hey watch it girl." I say loudly.

" Sorry." She turns and looks into my close to dark orange eyes , and gasps in shock.

It wasn't the first time that someone has seen the oddness of them but this seemed different people rarely make eye contact on the streets. I Dismissed it all though while I plotted my route home. Once I get there I see my foster parent on the wall sweating and curled up in a ball, pale as Ice. He looked scared to death.

" I can see them better this way. Its terrifying! Face , don't let them get you." His head turns to look up at me. I couldn't help but feel pitty for him, even if he had punched me earlier. I take his comment to far.

" Who is they?"  I ask.

" Face, They have come already."  His body then begins to sieze up and paranioa mixed with anger take over. I quickly run and close my bedroom door then place the dresser infront of it.  I hear banging on the other side. I'm not sure what exactly happened today wether I grabbed those god - awful drugs or something else.  I lie in bed all night cotemplating this.

The End

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