Don't Leave Me!Mature

I'm awake but I don't want to get up. But I have to. There's an annoying groaning sound and it's keeping me awake. I sit up in my bed and rub the sleet out of my sleepy eyes. I get dressed in a sleepy haze, the groaning sound continueing but getting quieter. I make sure the poemthing is in my jeans pocket.

I grab my school bag and go down stairs. First,I 'm going to call Lynne (next door neighbour) and ask her to look after mother today. She will of course, she's really lovely. Then I'm going to pretend to go to school but I'll really go back to the sorcery shop and get the answers I need!

I grab a bit of bread and call Lynne. She says she'll be over in five. I go over to mother to make sure she's okay. The groaning sound's muffled but it's coming from near mothers bed. I go closer and see mother on her side with blood smeared around her mouth and some on a pile on the floor.

I scream! Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod! I quickly open the front door and call an ambulance. I trying to clean up the blood and make sure mother doesn't throw up any more. Lynne comes in. "Bliss darling I'm herrrrrrrrrr..!" She sees me with mother and rushs to my aid. "What happened?" "I er I dunno. I should of checked her as soon as I woke but I... I ... I.." I had to stop talking because I kept choking on my tears. "Call an ambulance." Lynne orders me. I nod. "I ha..hav..have." I wail.

About ten minuets later, I'm seeing mother getting on a strecher and getting into the ambulance. I try to get in too after Lynne but she shakes her head and pushes me out. "You need to go to school dear." I'm just about to object but the paramedics close the doors and drive away.

I'm watching mymother being driven away, the lights and sirens on. The doctor said her cancer was getting worse but I never thought it was this bad! I start screaming, wanting tobe with mother but knowing I can't. All the people in my street have come out to see what's happening. Then I see my newist neighbour, Sian, I think her name is. I knew she was one of them the first time I saw her. She's got long wings. Angel.

The word pops into my head but I have no idea where it came from. She smiles at me. "Bliss. Come inside. Come for breakfast." Her voice is sweet but I know what she is. I leg it. I run past my school and houses. I only stop when I'm across the street tothe sorcery shop. They'll have answers. I need answers! I have to find a way to save mother! I have to help her! Maybe that goth girl will have another poem thing that'll help mother.

People who are walking past me are giving me weird looks, like I'm crazy. I'm just about to cross the road when a porsche zooms past me. Stupid porsche owner! Stupid road! Stupid cancer!

The End

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